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November 13, 2012


Happy Birthday, beautiful girl. You shine inside and out. Can't wait to see you all!


Happy Birthday Sprite!

Becoming a big girl is a hard row to hoe but you'll do fine.

Personally, I think Blue's death plays some factor in this. If "Only Child Syndrome" didn't rear its ugly head before, it wouldn't suddenly right afterwards; I don't think this is a coincidence. Fortunately, kids are pretty resilient, and once she's worked through her grief (and perhaps even guilt), I think things will smooth out at school.

Happy Birthday, Sprite - you don't know me, but you're my favorite 6-year-old girl in the whole, wide world.

We had issues with Turbo at school about a month after Bruiser was born. They end up realizing the rules won't change and settle in.
Happy birthday Sprite!

Happy birthday Sprite!

Once again I'm late to the party *smacks forehead*. Happy (Belated) Birthday to Sprite! I can well empathize with that 'only child syndrome' mode - Princess Nagger had some adjustments to do in Kindergarten too, but it does level out. I imagine the loss of Blue did make an impact on her normal behavior, poor thing. And I'm cracking up over the fact she didn't want John to be the King because he'd have to wear a skirt - and her reasons behind the 'why not' part. ;)

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