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October 31, 2012


That was creative and probably easier to put together than some characters would have been and refreshingly not a princess.
She's adorable as ever.

Ah, but she's already cast a spell on me. :)

I love the care she put into having the right hair for Hermione in Sorcerer's Stone vs. later Hermione hair. Sorry I'm so slow getting you linked, I had THREE auditions and had to get Jude into his costume as his principal, the nun.

You're linked!

She makes one adorable Hermione! Love it!

Love her costume!

I knew I liked Sprite but this seals it! I dressed up as Hermione just a few short years ago for work! Happy Halloween to you and her! (a day late but that's ok!)

What a great costume! You've reminded me that I need to introduce my girls to Hermione. I love those strong girl characters!

That is one serious stare!

She makes the perfect Hermione! And I love that you had to do her hair 'just right' - was that at her insistence or yours? Princess Nagger would have been the insisting one. Like when they do their Book Character dress up day in March and she'll dress up as Katniss Everdeen - she wanted me to dye her hair brown...but I'm nervous about even the temporary dyes, so I bought a wig to braid instead. :)

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