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March 29, 2012


Ahhhh, I'd wondered about your uncharacteristic silence lately. Jen, I am so sorry, and hope finds a good job very, very soon. Much love to you all!

I am so sorry. It really does rattle you when something like this happens. I know, I've been there. Just keep in mind that it always works out.

Oh geez, I'm so sorry. I hope that something breaks free soon for him and that the stress can ease. I'll keep you guys in my thoughts and prayers.

My 5yo understood it very well, although it was coached in terms of "Do you want Papa to stay home with you during the day, while Mama goes to work?" and it was very YES YES YES.

It will be okay as long as John gets to work at submitting his resume and pounding the pavement. I do want to say though...

TRY not to stress for HIM. It is a HUGE ego blow to loose your job, especially for men. They always feel like they are the provider. So be supportive for him and let him work through his own feelings because he will be feeling EXTREMELY upset.

Good luck. For us, it worked out very well. I know it is a different situation though. My girl friend's hubby lost his job and he was out for 6 months but finally started a new job last week! And the economy IS getting better. John might find something more fun that also pays better. You never know! He sounds like a smartie!

We've been down this road and while it is hard it is also strengthening. John has a great skill set so I have no doubt something will come up. Networking is one of the best job producers. So let the news go out that John is looking for a new challenge.

I have to agree with Kristi about being there for him and that men have a hard time with this because a lot of who they are is wrapped up in their ability to provide.

oh wow, I am so sorry...we are praying for you guys! John will find something soon, I have no doubt. Sending positive thoughts your way...

Oh, man! That stinks. I was laid off once, and it was really painful. I hope John finds something soon! Hang in there.

Ohhhh no! I'm so sorry - I'll be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. Hopefully John will find something amazing soon. Meanwhile, if it's OK with you two, I would love to send Sprite something for Easter - just say the word and consider it done! ((HUGZ!!))

WOW... I am SO sorry. I well know this scenario far too well. That was one reason we decided to bite the bullet and do what Dwight has always wanted to his own restaurant and come hell or high water we will make it happen. He (we) are so tired of depending on OTHER people's whims and demands and we aren't getting any younger. It's kinda now or never. I do hope he finds something soon! Love and hugs to you all!

Oh man, that really sucks. Fingers crossed for you guys.

We'll all get through it. And we have awesome husbands, we just need other people to catch on to that. Preferably in a hurry. HUGS!!!

That sucks. Good luck, John.

Keeping happy thoughts for you! We've been through a layoff as well and it sucks but we got through it and I know you guys will too! Good luck!

Oh, crap! This sucks so much. I am so sorry! I hope John finds a job really quickly--a good, good job that he loves!

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