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December 14, 2011


I'm sorry, Jen - Scooter says no, you cannot have his purple unicorn Pillow Pet.

Oh! there's still time ; -) Thought I'd missed the boat.

Ahhh, reply to me so I can send you my entries! I wants to be a Santa!!! Me, me, me! But I don't have your e-mail.

MB, my email is right there in the post! :-)
ANy way, I'm sending a reminder to myself to email you when I get home.

What is a pillow Pet?

Mine will post Sunday morning. The URL is

Thanks again for resurrecting the Spin Cycle!

Mine posted today:

You know, I think Elizabeth would be willing to share with her favorite Auntie Jen...

Okay I'm in!
You know, I've been asking for a Snuggie for ages now, and nobody's given me one. Sad. If you send me a Snuggie, I'll send you a Pillow Pet, and I'll even throw in a Chia Pet if you want one.

I got mine up!

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