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November 04, 2011


I stay home and hand out the goodies while my husband herds the children about. I'm pretty sure we both think we got the good end of the deal.

Yep, don't miss dressing the kids up and escorting them around the neighborhood. JR was always much better at that.

While we never minded the costumes or following the kids through the neighborhood, we were more than a little relieved when they became to old to trick-or-treat. Because Sprite's a girl, she may decide she's too "mature" for it all around 12 (boys take a little longer), so you may not have *that* long to wait.

I get the joy of herding boys next year--Turbo decided that dad has to stay home and hand out treats. It is much easier to do when I can go with a friend. I hang back and let the kids go--Turbo is actually pretty good at making sure Bruiser gets his fair share of the loot.

Hey, I was really counting on the spin for next week! And I'm not sure if we can be friends any longer if you hate Halloween. It would be like if you hated birthdays. Maybe it's because I used to have to endure 30+ kids on Halloween (there's a level of hell for that, I'm sure) and even worse (as you're asking yourself what could be worse) the day AFTER Halloween where the kids ate 145 pounds of candy (at least) and didn't fall into slumber until 2a.

Compared to that...taking Finn out is CAKE! Plus I get to hang out with friends and make snarky comments as he runs from house to house. I do yell at him to say "thank you" though. Next year I'm planning on bringing a flask filled with wine.

Anywho...yea...totally hating on you for vacationing and all the other fun things you get to do in November. We should have a convo via FB or email to talk about the Secret Santa Spin...I'm more than happy to get the ball rolling this month and you can do the actual posting (since you're going to be VACATIONING--it's been so long for me, I don't remember what that feels like) if you'd like or we can divide it up however. Or if you just want to take over the whole thing again (as it is your property and all), I'm totally cool with that. I just thought I'd offer some (wo)man hours if you'd like to split the time/work burden. Let me know!

Blue looks so cute! And so does Sprite. :) Lily and Emmy were Rapunzel, and we decided their natural blonde hair was just like Rapunzel's hair, so fortunately I was saved from having to buy two wigs!

I'm joining in this week, just in time before you take a break! Have a wonderful November!

heh heh heh. But we survived! And actually it goes like this: "go see that lady! No, that lady! What do you say to get candy? DID YOU SAY THANK YOU??? SAY THANK YOU!!!! WAIT FOR US!!!!!!"

Halloween can be a bit much. I remember many years where it all ended in tears. Tears over having to stop knocking on doors. Tears over not getting more candy. Tears over me stealing some. Tears over not being allowed to eat EVERY single piece before bed.

Oh-and she looks BEAUTIFUL by the way. So pretty.
Keep the wig. Even though it doesn't fit perfectly, it will come in handy again some day. (maybe by John even!)

Your kid looks adorable! I'm finally making my way to your blog after you commented on a guest post of mine many months ago on Scary Mommy (The Myth Of The Super Mom)....I want to say thank you for the comment! Yours made me laugh....I think it was the "bend down to her uterus because it is clearly superior" comment you left. :)

Yes, escorting was fun for us too because Jonathan kept changing his costume and wanted something different every other moment. *sigh*

She looked adorable!!!! I think the wig "worked"! She looks like a happy little girl who loves her wig.

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