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October 28, 2011


I noticed that the costumes are way more elaborate (and more wallet-friendly) than they used to be, too. And Disney, Disney or Disney for Princess selections (which is one of the reasons Princess Nagger would prefer to be something that's not available in costume-ready form [Princess Zelda]) so she can be as unique dressed up as she is personally. ;) Which means I'll be spending hours hunched over the sewing machine next year unless she changes her mind...again. :) I'm looking forward to seeing Sprite all dressed up as Alice! :)

And I'm playing along this week:


I was planning to always make my kids' costumes, because I love making costumes (and because I'm a costume snob). Two of them went in pre-mades this year, though. I didn't plan on doing anything for Halloween this year at all, so when we were invited to something a few days ahead of time, we just picked from what we had on hand, which included a bunch of costumes we bought last year after Halloween when they were 90% off. I'm glad we got them. The boys love them and they are easy.

I'd like to join the Spin:

Oh yes, I do remember those creepy masks! But my mom still stuck to the homemade costumes every year. I always wanted to wear one of those masks, though....

I remember the year Kooky Spookies were out. Good stuff, those blow up heads.

I'm in. Though I almost wrote the same post you did, then I erased it...

Oldest Son and Darling Daughter always had the best costumes in the neighborhood because one of the few fatherly things The Ex did well was make them every year. I kid you not - one year Oldest Son wanted to go as the creature from "Alien" and his father made him one, and a good one too (the headpiece was made out of a 3-liter Coke bottle). One year he won a costume contest as The Rocketeer and got his photo in the newspaper.

And my Spin is up - better late than never, I suppose (and pathetic thing that it is):

We've been creating costumes here for years--mostly because they have to fit over layers of clothing so the kids keep warm--what fun is it to dress up and then cover it up with a huge coat?
I have noticed that while there is a larger selection, the choices are a bit similar--for mom sexy____(fill in the blank), for dad shapeless doctor, vampire, gangster, for kids the choices are mare varied. But, I still like doing the costume thing at home--the costumes last longer and are more creative.

Costumes do seem lots more elaborate now. I can't wait for the Spritely pictures!

And I hope I get to see it on her! I was glad to help you get the deal! :)

I still have my DZ shorts!!!!

Happy Halloween!

Show & tell time?
Thanks Jen!

You need to come visit Jude's school on Halloween!! Store-bought costumes are looked upon sadly. Even super pricey ones. Competition is FIERCE, I tell you for the best homemade costumes. It's intense, but...I love it.

Oh this was great, gave me a good laugh. I do think it's really sad with mass produced EVERYTHING these days. The houses in our neighborhood look exactly the same, same, same EVERYWHERE!

What happened to originality? Both Josh and I made our own costumes growing up, mine was mostly dictated by what my sister wanted to be--like Harriet Tubman.

Finn only wore a store bought costume once. 1 hand-me-down and 2 that Josh created. However, the turtle costume this year was EXPENSIVE and it took Josh forever to make, but I think it was worth it in the end. I love to see the kids that are creative and original. However, it's really just about fun and scoring CANDY. If the kid is happy with the costume, then that's all that really matters (to me anyways)!!

Yeah, costumes now are fancy. I remember wearing some kind of plastic jumpsuit to kindergarten one year and sweating my ass off. I might have been Felix the Cat or something equally stupid.

My oldest spent the night handing out candy with my husband, she said a girl walked up wearing bagels on her bra. Explain that one. Surely a plastic jumper and a face mask beats that.

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