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October 21, 2011


You weren't alone in locking your door and raising your feet in the car to keep the Boogie Man at bay... ;) Mr. Cool sounds creeeepy - real or made up. :)

I actually thought of something, so here it is:


We all have a Boogie man in our past. Or maybe our present.

I've added to the spinners with this post;

Your Mom? My Hero.

Haha, that's a funny story! I am the worst friend EVER...3 weeks of no spins coming out of my blog (sorry). Busy, busy, busy. I am so tired today, my whole plan for the weekend is to sleep as much as possible.

Good luck with the painting! I want to see pictures!

Jen.......Mr COOL was real...I'm not kidding.

I wish I had been as smart as your mom. Over here, my kids had the shave ice truck, the ice cream truck, and the manpua truck. It was a bit much during the summers.

We had Yum Yum at our house and he'd eat you up! And we never had ice cream trucks where we lived. We were VERY rural.

Here's my Hollow weenie post. I'll be in VA starting tomorrow for the week so I'll be technologically challenged for the most part. Yall have a great week:

This will post on Monday morning. Thanks!

We love Halloween! My autistic son does the decorating and it's amazing.
Hope you have a happy one.

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