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September 09, 2011


I got a wonderful pair of rubber flip flops because my size 7 friend left hers in her car, parked in the Arizona sun. They shrunk to a perfect size 6.

Go take your meds and go back to bed.

We shrunk a pair of cheapy pretenda crocs for Bruiser this summer. Who knew that taking crocs that have been sitting in the sun and throwing them in to a wading pool would shrink them up to two sizes? We do, now.

I had the most comfy pair of Croc flip flops that I left out this summer. Within the span of a few hours, they became Miss G's because they shrunk to fit her tiny feet. Quality...that's what I'm talking about! Feel better!!

I am a HUGE fan of Crocs, although I rarely wear their signature boat shoes any longer. I have multiple pairs in multiple styles and colors; my favorite pair, in fact, look a great deal like Sprite's.

I did accidentally shrink a pair of my Croc flip flops once, but they stretched back out a bit over time. Probably would be a little uncomfortable with the Mary Janes. Is that what they're called?

Crocs are mostly ugly but they seem to be impervious to stink foot which means I am all for them. Lemme know if there is another illegal Croc store front in town, I'd be all over that.

Feel better! And stay away from the Nyquil.

Now those are Crocs (or maybe those are actually Crocks...heh!) that I wouldn't mind letting Princess Nagger wear because they're not as ugly as the regular Crocs. ;) And that's too funny you ended up accidentally washing one - and it shrunk?! Crazy! :)

Hope you feel better sooooon! ((HUGZ!!))

Hope you feel better soon Jen!!

Sorry you're sick. Yuck. I'm a fan of Crocs for the kids, they have a few pairs or real ones and a few pairs of the CVS brand (I think they're called Doggers?). They're all the same to me.

Who woulda' thought crocs would shrink? Good thing John bought five pairs, though those were probably Sprite's favorite ones. Time for John to take her for new shoes on their nexter father/daughter date!

I am just not a fan of the Crocs. I've never owned a pair and heard wonderful things about them but they are always just so ugly.

I HAD to laugh at your post and your crocs pic because #1 LOVES crocks and wears them any chance she gets and the other two incessantly make fun of her for it, especially #3. I won't tell you the names they call her. I neer thought about the fact that being put in the dryer might knock them out of whack (shape! Hilarious!

I'm following th rules... here;s my spin for this coming week. It will post Monday morning:

Yeah, I'm not into Crocs, either. Both boys have a pair for swimming lessons, but that's all. They're just too ugly. There is a little boy in LG's class that wears them all year (he has WINTER crocs, lined and all!) It's horrible.

I had a comment about the Crocs, but then I remembered that I'm supposed to be looking for the baby's shoe that he's hidden somewhere in the house. Those things should have a locator alarm thingy like the cordless phones have.

True grit is making a decision and standing by it,doing what must be done.


I never knew Crocs could shrink! Or flip flops, for that matter! This could be useful...every time my girls try on Crocs, they are always way too big around the heel!

Crocs are dangerous. Just FYI. We talked to an ER doc and he said more kids come in from running in and then tripping on crocs. So Finn will never have any. But very funny, as always! I really expected more pictures than 1 though (especially with all the amazing photos you and John's very disappointing). I would give you a D for this photo essay! ;)

Name brand crocs are on my good things list. They are sooo comfy! I don't like the ugly ones either but there are loads of cute ones.

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