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September 08, 2011


My mother had a favorite game the last time we were at Disney World; it was called; "Lose the 5 Year Old". This action packed attraction consisted of my mother taking said 5 year old to a real attraction than walking away without him to find us. How she did this was anyone's guess. Than again, she played this same game at shopping malls and ski resorts in foreign countries (if you can call Canada foreign) What made this even more fun was that this was the age of no cell phones. I do believe that it taught the 5 year old serious coping skills.

I wondered about those other attractions, since I remember them but it's been about 15 years since I've been to either Disney World or Disneyland. Better update my must see/do list for when we finally take Princess Nagger to experience it ALL. ;)

And hopefully the laughing part will happen prior to the 10 year mark. ;)

The only attraction you missed was the over tired child attraction. This one happens only after lunch, after a very full morning. You can identify it by the adamant refusal that they are in fact tired. Crying often occurs. Frustration on the part of the guardian is also played out. Happens in the parks and also on the transportation system. My favorite performance happened on the tramway. Fun for all.

We often bemoan the fact we never took the kids, en masse, to Disney World when they were younger. I think I may be a little glad, now.

This, folks, is why we haven't taken the boys to see our big eared friend. We'd be our own mobile attraction, "How not to parent"...

Oh, and my spin is up:

LOL, I'll need you to write a guide book for me should we ever venture down there with the boys.

Ha! I love Disney theory. The reality always wears me out.

During our last trip there in 05 our best remembered attractions were the van's transmission blowing up an hour and a half in to the trip, along with a meandering scenic route through lovely Fort Pierce to get our rental, turning our three hour trip in to a nine hour excursion. So it was like a pre-attraction attraction. Disney covers its bases.

:) I've missed your humor.

Some of those attractions might have been my actual kids. Jamie took Elliot on Sunday, came home and switched, and took Graham on Monday. I wonder if you guys passed each other there?

According to him, there was no screaming involved....

I know I read maybe just didn't comments. HILARIOUS as always. Will look for these attractions when we take Finn (which we can't wait to do). He's at the perfect age. Now if we just find a perfect way to make the money it requires. It's been 2+ years with no vacation for us (since Josh lost his job we've just been pinching pennies to pay our bills)! Ah, such is life!

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