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July 22, 2011


Oh that pesky ten, it just doesn't want to go away. I feel your pain. I want to lose 5 more and here I sit.

Yay! John.

Oh, here you're making me all blushy again.

Men - they lose weight so easily, and here we sit, stalled (I'm coming to terms with the fact that I am just going to HAVE to seriously reduce my coffee consumption and cut out the wine in the evenings). *sigh*

And here is my last entry for the week:

I feel your frustration. My hubby shed about twenty pounds over the past year, and I think I found every ounce he lost!

The pressure worked. It has been a long time coming but LINK ME UP!

Am being attacked by kids, will be back to read and comment later today.

I'm in, and good for John. I was amazed, too, at "health food" once I started reading the labels. Ugh. I'd rather be honest and know when I'm eating krappe than fake the funk.

Ahh, I feel your pain. It is HARD to give up the comfort foods that make you happy. I'm still a sodaholic, I just can't bear to give it up. Sounds like we are in a similar boat, Jamie has been on a health kick since last year and is the thinnest (and hottest!) he's ever been, running 10k's and stuff too! Meanwhile, my lazy ass can't get off of the couch. Soon, I swear, I promised to run the Disney 5k with him in Jan!

Weight...that's a constant struggle with me. After I got sick after Finn was born and lost half my pancreas and it also triggered a thyroid problem...I've been gaining steadily. Such a painful subject for me, but I've messed up my body so badly with 3 bouts of anorexia and then when I was sick I couldn't eat anything for 3-4 months. That's why they put me on a feeding tube. Yuck. Lost 60 pounds in 3 months though because the liquid that would go down my nose at night would only come to about 800 calories a day. And often I wouldn't feel like getting up in the middle of the night to pour more cans of gross into my bag. After 3-4 months of not eating anything (except liquid) I ate EVERYTHING. And because of those bouts of not eating or eating only enough to barely survive, I have messed up my body so that I am HUGE! I hate it and am trying to figure it out.
I've kept an eye on what has been happening in your house and it seems like you are doing awesome! Very inspiring...but then Dairy Queen sounds delicious too!
oooh--now I'm REALLY famous. I totally have to write a really good spin this week fer sure! I think I'm going to post it tonight so I can be the first one!! ;)

Good write n good question. Thx. Things as general statement that don't increase independent thought n creative thinking is better in low dose. We all need brain fade time - true

We sound like we are on a similar path. My bookshelf this year includes Food Inc, The Omnivore's Delimma; Animal, vegetable, Mineral, and The China Study. I try to buy grass fed beef, but with hubs and 19 year old son, they eat a lot of meat and I will sub in a Costco purchase to stay on budget. Balancing healthy eating with getting the boy (who is 6'3" and 140 lbs) to eat as much as possible is a formidable task.

Jan's blog is my go to as well ; -)

Congrats to you and John! That's incredible that he's lost that amount of weight and to only fluctuate 10 lbs over a two year span I think is great! Hope you can take off the rest that you want to.

You are amazing! 80 pounds is fantastic! I have been steadily gaining the last few months and MUST get back on track.

Good luck!

I'm impressed with John's dedication. I run through that enthusiasm in my head quite often, it's just turning that into reality I can never seem to get past.

Hmmm, well, I seem to be first this week - my kids 'n' technology Spin is up:

Losing weight is difficult. I wish it was a wish it gone situation.
We are eating more home made foods, simply because it way easier to control the salt we intake that way. And side benefit, it's better for us!

Good for both of you. Since we changed our diet, I find that I don't miss the crap at all. In fact I crave the good stuff. Of course I am a bit obsessive anyhow, but when I finally started following Jan's advise I went nuts on it too. Now I am the watch dog! But I really don't see it as a "diet" - really a life style change. I would still like to drop the final 10 pounds but I may never - homeostasis is different for all of us - age, gender, genetics, stress, hormones all play a part. But if you eat well and feel well, the weight really is secondary.

Live real. Eat Real!

So true,you are what you eat..Discipline is all that matters.You both made a right decision..keep it up!

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