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July 15, 2011


I. Could. Kiss. You.

Oh, I know your joy! My office is so frickin' cold that I will on occasion go out to my car at lunch time and sit in it just to get warm! I rarely turn on the AC on my way home, prefer the windows open after a day of being stuck inside.

I understand where you are coming from. When Nick and I were down there on our honeymoon, we were forever turning up the air conditioner in the hotel rooms. Coming in to the cold was not really my idea of a good time.

I have never participated in one of your Spin Cycles before but food is very close to my heart. Can I participate and post on Friday? Casey will vouch for my good nature (I hope).

I love car heat! I almost wrote about that feeling when you get into the car on a "cool" summer morning and when the sun finally starts to warm your face through the windshield! I love that feeling! Sigh, heat. Oh, I'm up!

Mostly I'm pretty sure you're crazy about the heat. Although if it's dry heat, it's totally different than MN heat which is HUMIDx1,000. Yuck. Every once and awhile I do get that feeling of happiness in a warm car, but the condition is so rare here, it seems more like a dream. Certainly nothing that I could count on each day!

If it is something that gives you great happiness, then I'm happy for you!

The school I worked at for 10 years is the newest on the island and has giant buildings with central air, and was always too too cold (and yet, I have taken a 5% pay decrease while they still pump up that electricity bill out there.

I know that warmth and it's like a giant, heated blanket.

I know I'm old and spoiled... I get in the car and crank up the AC and pant until it cools down! You are a much better woman than I!

I hate Air Conditioning. Perhaps my tune will change this time next week. Other Half and I battle over AC from time to time. He loves it when I have hot flashes. :-)

I can't believe I am actually EARLY... Here's mine for food!

I hear your hint, loud and clear. ;)

I can't believe you like baking in your car..that is one of my biggest pet peeves. Especially since the homeowner's requires our stupid never-driven pickup to be parked in the garage and my mom-mobile gets stuck in the sweltering driveway all day so I've always got boobsweat going on.

Ha! I'm totally the same. It gets grossly hot here in the summer, and I can't stay out in it indefinitely, but the a/c chills me so (even when set a reasonable temp) that I must go out into the ridic heat to warm up.

(Every time I do I try to capture the moment to remember for when it's -40 in January.)

I wish I were freezing in air conditioning all day to embrace the scalding hot temperatures of the car when I enter it. Alas and alack, no central air for me - so I have to utilize my remote starter (when I remember) so I can breath that same sigh of contentment for the polar opposite reason. ;)

I'm such a putz! I totally forgot to visit the spinners last week - I've got some catching up to do before I start to get all drool-faced over this week's spin assignment...and I better start brainstorming on what mouthwatering temptation to write about too, eh? :) Apparently the heat is frying my brain. :)

so very cool, Hon.

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