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July 12, 2011


I remember well the food sharing with a small child. I don't think I ate a full meal for years. That and chasing after them kept me thin. Now, I wish I didn't eat a full meal and had someone to chase after. Meh, maybe not, it sounds tiring.

I'd have given her the whole sandwich and made myself another one, because I can't resist anyone, much less a child, who tells me "I'm hungry."

Yeah, I need to work more on this whole "relationship with food" thing...

I don't think I had a full meal either until Julie was 4. She still bugs to share a sandwich or something sometimes before bed as a stall tactic and she'll be 12 this year. LOL

Why couldn't the egg cross Rt 95 in Florida? Cause in the middle, he fried!

Ok, over Sprite's head, but it was the best I could do on short notice.

I am using the "Mama's Plate Appeal" to my advantage this summer. I put all sorts of things I want the boys to try on my plate and not theirs. Then when they want it, I feel better! (if only I could get them to eat my spinach...)

Princess Nagger gets that same plate envy sometimes - unless it happens to have vegetables, then she just rolls her eyes and helps herself to a slice of bologna. ;)

The only PN joke that came to my head is:

"Say hi to your knee!" (hiney) ;)

So glad to see you joining the rebellion today! :)

I love kids' ideas of what's funny. As long is it makes them happy... I'm good. :) Happy RTT.

I don't get out ice cream until both boys are in bed. I don't like sharing.

I back into parking spaces! Because when I park front in...when I back out I can't see the jerks that race around the corner or the fast one who don't like to slow down to let anyone out! It was nice seeing sprite on Sunday. And your father hasen't stopped talking about you in-law's place!

It was such a happy surprise to see I had posts from you waiting in my Google reader...more than your normal scheduled...if you want to hear more of what makes me happy you'll have to check with me on Thursday! ;)

These were great laughs, thanks! And the jokes, attempting to find reasons to sleep with us, and stealing our food is happening at our house and I'm just so happy to hear I'm not the only one!

Thanks! Dad

I hate food sharing. The hubby does it way more than I do. I think Leo asks him because he knows his dad is a sucker to share his food!

I loved what you said about discussing politics etc. I find that true as well as discussing these and similar topics with people who are closed minded. It's all about widening our perspectives, and, if not agreeing with others, at least trying to understand their opinions. Not a lot of respect for that in this country these days.

I had to come back and share this story from tonight. So we promised Finn a "treat" if he ate a good supper because we're bad parents like that and eating is very low on his list of priorities. We each had a bowl of ice cream and Finn inhaled his and then he climbs up next to me, all cute and cuddly. "I share wif you now?" So he gets every other bite. When we finish my bowl, he hops over to Josh and asks very sweetly if he can share with him, which he does. As far as I can calculate, he ate 2 3/4 bowls of ice cream out of 3. Something is very wrong with this picture. Thought it might give you a giggle, so I thought I'd share! :)

We getting a lot of completely silly jokes in our house too! I love when they start experimenting with humor.

The only jokes I have now are fart ones. That's all my kids talk about lately.

That is hilarious that your dad is urging you to post.

Kids are like vultures.. luckily, mine believe me when I tell them whatever (I don't want them to have) has gluten in it. Phew.

Knock knock jokes are big around these parts too, usually by Elliot and hers go like this:

Knock knock.
(who's there?)

Followed by bouts of laughter (thanks, Jamie, for teaching her that one). Grrr.

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