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March 15, 2011


I'll bet it looks great! A room a little girl can dream in. Looking forward to pictures.

That is a lot of rearranging and moving! Can't wait to see pictures!

Looking forward to seeing the pictures!
Happy Tuesday!!

Mom and Dad are Happy! Thank you!

All that build up and you didn't post pictures? You sure know how to tease, don't you? ;) Can't wait to see all that hard work transformed into greatness! ;)

Ooooh, I can't wait!!

I'm waiting patiently. I see you went the Disney paint route. What color is "pixie dust" exactly?

Little o has fallen in love with the aliens from Toy Story. His room will be "warp speed blue" with some alien green accents.

Holy Cow, woman - no wonder you've been posting less than usual lately! I will now patiently await pictures.

I was just watching Tink - love the soundtrack. I know how you feel. The kids have bunkbeds and seem to want them together every other month. We finally decided that they need to separate since MJ is 9 now.

How awesome that Sprite agreed immediately! My Lily wanted us to pay her to agree to replace her drafty 40 year old windows with new windows. She does not like change AT ALL. (We just ignored her and never gave her money, and got new windows anyway!)

Pixie dust? Yikes. Is there glitter?

That sounds like work. Eek. But makes perfect sense. Looking forward to the pics.

Can't wait to see pictures. I'm tired just thinking about moving three rooms.

I'm tired thinking about all that painting and moving pics to motivate me, I want to repaint a hallway, a bathroom, and the laundry room. I take that back, I don't want to paint it - I want someone else to paint it for me!

What the he&&? I want to see the results. I need to see that other people are actually doing something. Unlike me, who does nothing.

I lost my garage parking spot when we realized the homeowner's would start fining us for having the truck parked outside overnight. Sucks and I can't wait to get rid of that stupid truck (that we NEVER DRIVE).

Sorry you're playing room shuffling, we've been doing the same. Sucks.

I'm just tired reading that. We need to do some overhaul. And by overhaul I mean throw out a lot of crap. I'm the worst packrat EVER. Our house is going to one day be like those of hoarders.

I laugh and laugh when I'm reading (totally LOL and LMAO and ROFL...because I know how you love those) ;), but I always get so excited when my google reader tells me you have a new post.

My husband and yours could be twins, from the sound of it. He is sitting in the chair next to me at this moment playing WOW--I am a little afraid that if he ever leaves me it's going to be for a woman who plays WOW...and the parking in our garage...well I could easily write a book.

I owe you a thank you message on FB, thanks for your unending kindness and wisdom you were willing to share, it really meant the world. Life's been crazy...but I wanted you to know I was appreciative.

The best parts are humpity dumpity and "rest friend." Finn can't say spaghetti and a couple other one's...but I think they're so adorable that I encourage it when Josh isn't looking...because if I do it in front of him he will murder me.

My niece who is now ten (when did that happen?) also called her toenails tonynails. I do too now!

Can't wait to see pictures.

I'm thinking about switching the girls' room with D's room. Especially since there are 2 of them and he has the bigger room. But the amount of work involved has me too tired to even start. And that's only 2 rooms.
Can't wait to see pictures!

This is why I have a tiny house. Nobody can suggest I do all that stuff. There's just nowhere to move.

Ok. I'm tired just reading this. But I can't wait to see what she picked out! And I hope you recover from the switch-a-roo!

Now I'm exhausted! This is kind of an old post so I hope you are already done with all that work!

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