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February 01, 2011


Teenage boys take up a lot of room but they can be a great deal of fun. Sounds like you had you some.

I'm a fan of teenage boys, myself. Not in a cougar-y way, though. Stop it!

Ha! Just wait until Sprite hits her teens! So much drama!!! Boys are a breeze compared to teenage girls!

Glad you had fun though.

Looks like fun. You definitely win at being Aunt and Uncle :)

ALL of the pictures are awesome. Just sayin'.

Um, as someone who has raised 3 teenage girls and 2 teenage boys, I'll take a teenage boy over a teenage girl ANY day of the week.

Again, just sayin'.

You make me both look forward to and dread when my boys become teenagers! Ha ha. I'm sure it'll be fine though. Happy Tuesday.

I have two teenage boys in the making. Remembering being a girl--I'm quite happy with my boys. Now we have to start planning the trip we will be making to seethe mouse when Bruiser is five. We got three years--I think we can do it.

Your pics are awesome! It looks like you guys had so much fun. Boys rock and teenage boys are the BEST! I'm glad you had a good time (mostly.)

Love the photos - so cute!

Hey, now. Little boys are fun! And this might be the final straw. We need to move closer to the house of mouse.

I always thought the same thing when my nephews were that age - though I'm really dreading with Princess Nagger hits the tween and teen years - all signs point to trouble. ;)

Looks like a lot of FUN! :)

I must agree, you are the coolest aunt EVA'!!!! As the mom of once teenage boys, they really do rock most of the time!!!!!

I really like the pic of the hat lady with lemonade. Sounds like a fun time. Glad all fun was had and now you know what boys will be like. Mine is sweet most of the time, but he's not a teenager yet either.

I have never been to Disney World, but it's on my bucket list. Sounds like a fun-filled day to me!

Actually, the teen years are what makes me glad I have a boy. From what I can tell, they just grunt and slouch and sometimes smell a little. There's not as much...*whispers*...DRAMA.

But, um, I'm sure that Sprite will be a drama-free teenager. Positive. ;) always!!

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