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January 25, 2011


Wow, I'd babysit for you too if that's how you treat your sitters! That meal sounded delicious!

Previously, Inception was my nominee for best picture, but then I saw The King's Speech. Words cannot begin to describe. I hope it does a sweep at the Academy this year!

Man I'd babysit too!!!LOL!

Happy RTT!!

We don't go to the movies - the other patrons tend to complain when Beloved starts snoring (I swear, the man can NOT sit and watch anything without falling asleep; you have no idea how many episodes of Dexter I've watched 2 or 3 times because of this).

Dinner was so good. Sprite was so good we all had a great time. Play it again sam any time!!!!

I said I would fight against light up shoes too but my kid loves Spider Man and they all have dumb lights. I gave in!

I did light up shoes for Turbo--but they often only had one or two lights. I avoided the ones with lights all over them--although they are good for locating them when it's dark out.
I hate when restaurant food is over salted. Why do they think more salt=better flavor?

You know I would babysit without the food. Though it always helps.

I want to go see The King's Speech. It would be the first time I've been to a theater since the second Pirates movie.

I can't wait to see The King's Speech! Too bad your meal wasn't very good. I hate going out for dinner and discovering we could've made it better (and cheaper) at home.

Ooooo......I want to know what you ate and what the horrific salty mess was on your plate. How disappointing! Don't klnow why, but Black Swan just doesn't appeal to me at all...but if it gets you out for another date night, then who can argue!

Wow, don't tell my sitter. I left her with a box of oreos, some coke in the fridge and a whiny almost 3 year old. I did put the baby down before she got there, as requested, though.

Tell John that "the scene" is not even worth it. Black Swan is totes creepy.

With eats that good, I'll even come down there and babysit for you! ;)

I want to see that movie - I noticed it on our 'On Demand' list, but wasn't sure if Princess Nagger would be interested - apparently she would! :)

How i have missed your randomness!!!! It is so good to have a computer again. I can now resume my stalking!!! Is the area over there by the tree still avaialble or has someone rented it out?

Nice night out! I can't WAIT to see The King's Speech, it looks so good.

Too bad they don't make light shoes in adult sizes.

"It's so FLUFFY!!" My favorite line in that entire movie! Especially the way she says it!

Glad you had fun!

Perfect timing. I told hubby that I wanted a date night. Haven't been on one for the last 3-4 YEARS! So the King's Speech seems perfect.

And really, I truly wished that I had the type of shoes, little girls get to wear today. The variety is astounding, light up ones, Dora shoes, Princess shoes, adorable chucks, purple patent leather, sparkle shoes. I'd be Amelda Marcos of the kindergarten set.

haha! I'm laughing at the "calling home to make sure everyone was still on speaking terms!" Yeah, with grandparents, kids tend to get a little manipulative...well, I shouldn't speak for Sprite. But my 7 year old is the master of manipulation with my mother!

Yeah, I would totally babysit Sprite for that dinner! Yum....

I remember how wonderful it was to get away alone when the kids were little...glad you guys get the opportunity. At least you're the cool mom that gave into Sprite's shoes...I was the mean one that wouldn't let mine wear those cartoon character ones! I hope they've forggoten by now, or at least by the time they pick out a nursing home for me!

Sounds like you had a great day! Sprite is getting so big. Aren't you glad you have this blog to look back over her life and yours? Andrea

Well, John wasn't the last fellow to know about that friendship...Roy just smiled when I told him.

LOL for reals!

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