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November 12, 2010


Oh, dear - no Spin Cycle?

Excuse me while I go into this corner over here and have a quiet panic attack...

oh no! Say it isn't so! I'll miss the Spin Cycle :-(

Noooooooooooooo! No more Spin Cycle for awhile? Say it isn't so!! :)

I loved the image you painted of your cupcake making finesse - I was sort of in the same conundrum yesterday, since they're celebrating Princess Nagger's birthday in her class today (another girl has the same birthday on Monday, so SHE got the actual day for her celebration...darn Alphabet!) Though I was lucky - there are only 24 kids in PN's class...and I sort of accidentally forgot on purpose she wanted to bring a cupcake for her regular teacher and gifted teacher...I didn't want to have to make two batches just to make sure there were 26. ;)

Happy (early) Birthday to Sprite!! I'm looking forward to reading about all the fun! :)

My spin is in!

I second, Jan, BTW.

It's not about perfection, it's about knowing what you put into your kid's mouth (and her friend's mouth). Bravo for not going out and buying a cake mix and canned frosting!!! When she's old and doesn't have extra limbs growing out of her, she'll thank her mother for sacrificing her sanity and actually making the food she ate.

And in the future, make both batches at the same time, in the same bowl, and save yourself a lot of time. And for 33, I would make one full batch and cut the recipe in half for the 2nd so you don't have 48 in the end.

And can a kid really tell the difference between a cupcake and a muffin if it's wrapped in homemade frosting? I think not.


Just as I was getting back in the swing of things with Spin Cycle, it goes on hiatus.


Oops! Sent too soon!!

Happy Birthday Sprite!!

I knew it was coming and what a good topic to end on.
At least you tried to make all those cupcakes. You put more effort into it, than a lot of parents even think about. I knew I wouldn't have the time, so I opted for buying. MJ wanted muffins for class instead of cupcakes, so it worked out.
Remember, those kids that are going to eat those cupcakes/muffins, only want the sugar that is laced into and on that sweet treat - they really don't care about the looks or the taste. You should only worry about...are they edible?

Happy Birthday, Sprite!

I did Spin, too.

I'm early awaiting your excuse, I mean, reason for depriving us of our spins...

Wait... What? What do you mean no more Spins.... What are you talking about.... Wait Jen, come back.... What does this mean... Jen wait.... JENNNNNN!!!!!

Yup, just had my own little panic attack here.

You must keep in mind that perfection to a four year old is the quantity of the sprinkles. Cut yourself some slack.

Welcome to the world of baking from scratch. I'm learning all of these lessons the hard way too. Happy Birthday, Sprite!

Happy birthday Sprite! I'll miss the spin cycle. Don't be gone too long.

First, Happy Birthday Sprite!

Second... NO SPIN??? WTH?? Did making those cupcakes do you in cause I'd have definitely helped! No Spin???

Third... I can just see you in my mind's eye all covered in flour and confectioner's sugar but with a grin saying "I did it!"

Fourth, NO SPIN??? Are you serious? What can we do to convince you otherwise? You give me much needed inspiration...

Fifth, WTH??? NO SPIN????

Do I need to keep going? :-( I think I just sank into a new level of depression....

As long as you love doing something and continue to do it then end result is perfect no matter if you need to change the recipe a bit for next time or not.

It looks like I may be a bit behing since you are only doing one more but here is my spin on this weesk subject of perfection

So what did you do with all the "muffins?" I'll take them off your hands.

Oh, I totally get this. I am a horrible perfectionist. I try working on it, easing up on things, but that's just not the nature of a perfectionist, now is it? Sigh.
Happy Birthday Sprite!

I know my spinning has been sporadic these last months, but some of my favorite posts came out of your spin cycles. Sniff. Plus a lot of my blogging buds I met over here. I think you are the glue that holds us together Jen....

On another note, I love people that bake from scratch. I can cook, but basking is a bit of a crap shoot for me. I can, however, so a great job of eating bake goods ; -)

You know I would totally have helped! Although I get the urge to have the perfect cupcakes come completely from your own hands. I usually don't start my baking until after 9:30, and I suffer for it.

Wait, what? It's me, isn't it? I came back and I'm stinking up the joint? :(

I have the "perfect" recipe for vanilla cupcakes. Or so the recipe claims. I've made them probably 10 times and they always turn out 'meh'.

I mean, they're still CUPCAKES. So you can't really go wrong there.

I definitely understand the slinking in the couch trying to get away with watching more tv! And I missed that the spin was going away for awhile until I read all the comments! What?!

The spin cycle is leaving orbit? Well, I'm glad I was a satellite for a while.

I will miss it, but a birthday cupcake will make me feel much better.

No more Spin Cycle for me to intermittently participate in?? Yeah. I get it. I could never commit. Curious to hear the background....

Just may have to pipe up for this last one though.

Am I missing something? Where do we our giving thanks posts? :-) It's too early in the a.m....brain hasn't turned on :-)

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