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November 27, 2010


Yay! I won. That never happens. Cool. I wanted to go to Black Friday, for once, but I decided to stay in bed instead. Add to that, the fact that my budget is awfully small this year.

Border line ups to get into the States were pretty horrendous yesterday, which is kinda funny since Canadian Thanksgiving was last month and all those people should have been at work. Like I was. Bastards.

What was your question?

Congrats to the winners! We ducked Black Friday, settling for off-white Saturday at the thrift store for some shopping instead. Which was nice. I actually found a not-too-badly-worn suede jacket for 10 bucks.

heck no! i won't look at a store this year! interent shopping is sooo much saner. I get paid december third and will do all my shopping via my computer- in my jammies with a hot cocoa, the way god intended it.
glad you had fun

Thanks so much, Jen! No shopping here, but lots of family visiting.

Congrats to the winners! My big girl went to Tangled without me (while she was babysitting a 5 year old).

So glad you and Sprite enjoyed the movie ; -))

Heck no! No Black Friday for me...I was stuck with the in-laws instead...blah

Congrats to the winners. I want to go see that too!

Yay for Casey, Jenny, and Erin, my kids are so jealous!
We really want to go see that movie.

Darn it. ;) My son is obsessed with Flynn. OB-SESSED.
But I do think that Regal might be watching our backs. Our theater had Tangled directly next to the bathroom as well.

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