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October 06, 2010


The bigger the ego the harder they fall.

What a douche canoe. Letterman's Top 10 List "Rick Sanchez Excuses" was pretty good - #4 was "Trying to impress Mel Gibson."

Nothing says, "I'm headed for failure" like proclaiming your future success.

And let us all say Amen. Love!

I could never fathom how that man got where he did, or how CNN could keep putting him on the air day after embarrassing day.

Yeah, I don't quite get why he decided to attack John Stewart either...I mean, yes, he's Jewish and all, but really? He's a comedian and his show is satire.

I say good riddance to Rick....

I literally LOL'd at this. I remember his earthquake snafu, I had forgotten all about it till reading this! Ahh, good memories! He was always a douche, I met him when I was younger, he actually interviewed me at a JCC in Miami during a purim carnival. Don't remember much, just that he thought, no wait, he knew he was the biggest deal around. Meh... good riddance to bad rubbish...

Pride always goes before a fall--and he set hiumself up perfectly. Laugh all you want. He deserves what he gets.

That's it! I read almost every post on your blog (even though I don't always comment) and occasionally you mention that someone says you should write a book and you say, "no, I don't have anything to write about that's fitting for a book." But you could so totally totally write for Jon Stewart. It never occurred to me before - but when I clicked on the link and saw his beautiful mug trying not to laugh (obviously at your witty spry) it all made sense.

(And NO - not just because you are both Jewish.)

What goes around comes around. I love it!

Karma, baby, karma.

Karma, she's a bitch and it looks like she bitch slapped Rick, right? LOL Don't you just hate smug egotistical people?

It's a shame that folks use the media to spurt out there hatred into the world. One less mean person spreading hatred.

That is wild! Imagine a grown man saying that to a Girl Scout. Crazy! It's funny, Jimmy and I were both saying that we both couldn't stand the guy and were glad he was gone. Now I feel even more justified in my feeling!

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