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July 30, 2010


That was great! I had no idea! We totally wanted to run away, and I have no idea why we didn't!

I like it. Most weddings are way too overdone.

Here's mine:

Love it! You are adorable!

(And hey - I'm not Erin? <3)

You know, I've had several moments in my wedding planning when I thought about eloping. It's seriously tempting...

Andrea, I'm so sorry, I actually remember doing that when I had just got done commenting on Only a Movie. SO SORRY!

Hmmm - you were at my place?
I love that you got married in semi-secret. If and when other half and I get married - it will be

Great spin xo

That sounds perfect. Although I'm sure your big wedding was absolutely lovely, events like those scare the bejeezus out of me. We kept it simple, a courthouse in Coral Gables and a pancake breakfast. Roni knew what she was talking about.

I had no clue!!! Learn something new every day. See you tomorrow! LOVE!

We kept our wedding simple--I don't remember a lot of it--but we have great pictures! Sounds like you have good memories of both your weddings. The expresso made me smile.

Here's my spin:

I LOVE this idea. I had to have the big wedding too thanks to large jewish families. Something small and special would have been wonderful.

Both weddings were great! ♥ Of course I have not worn my bridemaid dress since, but who has, right???? :-) LOL

great spin- I couldn't think up a first time after you had mentioned getting frisky- so I gave up, Now I can probably think of seven- lol. That's ok- Im in for next week!

I came to visit you because my daughter keeps raving about your blog. And I loved it! I decided to play this week - my post is at

Yes, everyone needs a Roni! That was one way to take the pressure off! so do you get to celebrate two anniversaries each year? If not which one do you honor? Just curious.


I posted last night, but my comment didn't come through for some reason. Oops! Here's my first time:

You had me at Starbucks run and "espressos brought in." Beautiful, I love that you did what felt right to you.

I'm Here! I'm Here!!!

I tried, I really did....

Had to fix the misspelling of my fake name.

And now finally commenting on the wedding story. LOVE IT. Good for you! I never wanted any kind of wedding. I wanted to get married by Elvis in Vegas. We compromised and got hitched in Lake Tahoe, just us. Wouldn't change a thing.

I love that yall didn't wait for the formal affair. Seems like that would take a huge load of pressure off.

Lovely story!

*Note* My blog address has changed

I love the story of your first wedding. First time I heard something like this as well!

What a great story. I had the best time at my wedding, but it was more about everyone else than Josh and I.

We only had about 20 people at our PLANNED wedding. I loved the way you did that though. I take it they all know now that you were already married?

That is a FANTASTIC idea. I'm glad my extended family is not huge, cause if we ever actually get around to getting married, I can just plan to have the 20 people in the first place.

Still, at this point it's just too much planning...

What a great story, and so romantic. Particularly when you went out for coffee.

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