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June 11, 2010


As and adopted child I get the thrill of a visible genetic bond better than most! When I see that Lilli's hands are identical to mine only miniature (remind me to show you) I get an actual physical little shiver up my spine. So having the same birthmark? Awesome.

I LOVE little identical things like that. Very cool. But yea, I still doubt anyone would have trouble figuring out Sprite is yours - and that's a good thing!

oooh! and i want a topic!

will have my spin up tonight (or tomorrow - depends on how late my work happy hour goes today :-) )

It's funny, I kinda think she looks just like you. Maybe because I have only seen John in pictures?
I think sometimes we have this funny way of being able to see one parent in a child because we want to. If that makes any sense?

I don't know, I see a lot of both of you in her. When our oldest was born he looked just like me. Now 26 years later he looks like himself. That seems to be the way that works. Unless, of course, you were alien substitutes.

Okay, I'll bite. Send me a spin. I'll see what I can come up with for a misspent youth story.

Send me a spin, baby!

Yo, Jen! Give me a spin :-)

Yeah, my kids all look like their dad, too, though my mom staunchly disagrees. She claims Tommy looks like her side of the family, but who wouldn't? He's so darn cute.

Anyway, I think the ear thing is totally awesome. I was hoping one of my kids would get my recessive trait of attached earlobes (which we talked a lot about in high school biology when we studied genetics). Turns out, Tommy did, so maybe my mom is right, after all. Don't tell her I said that, though, ok?

Oh, and I'd like a spin, please. (I am nervous. What if I get writer's block???)

That's a great tie between you and Sprite. Almost like a "secret" connection. I have a friend who's son is a red head with blue eyes. He has dark brown hair and green eyes. People always joke that the boy might not be his... But every summer they get identical buzz cuts so that you can see they both have a birthmark in the same place on the back of their heads!

BTW, I'd like a spin, too, please.

I can relate, Noelle looks just like me and Noah is a dead ringer for his daddy. Though he kinda looks like Noelle did at 9 months only...less round. But it's always so much fun to see the ways in which your kids are similar.

I'm ready to play; spin me!

My bonds spin is up:

I'm always looking for those little bits of nick and I in both Bruiser and Turbo. I find more in Turbo cause he looks like me, but I see a few in Bruiser too.

And I want a spin topic for next week too! Please?

Isn't it funny how a child can look like one parent and act like another? I love that! Hmmmm, this weeks Spin sounds interesting...I'll review the topics and see if I'm brave enought to let you Spin me!

O.K. I have two pictures right in front of me. In younger pictures she looks like her Nana but the next one(at her last B-Day) she looks just like you...she acts like you....her smile is you.....No you or sprite are not Adopted(even you seem to think so some times) Now alien Substitutes I would have to look behind your ear to find out. Sprite is beautiful....and no I'm not saying this because It's expected, or it sounds right to say. She is smart and she messes with your mind just like you did when you were that age.
Is that what you were expecting? if yes? Then my work is done here.........

I love these types of coincidences. My mom and I have matching birthmarks on our back. Same exact spot. The king has a tiny freckle in the same spot too...

I also love to see the birthmarks on my kids. The daughter has one on her forehead- the older son has one on his side, and the younger son had one on his neck. I, of course, can't tell if I have any since I am covered with freckles and various aging spots.

how sweet to have matching marks though :)and I love Baba's comments. Mom's are so cool.

Leo is almost exactly half me and half his dad so we both are always told he looks exactly like us! So he can't ever deny us!

I would like to get back in the swing of things and mystery spin next week!

First, I LOVE that you and Sprite have matching ear spots! Don't you just love that! Jude and I have the same hands. Sometimes, I'll just sit and stare at them next to each other. Crazy.

Second...send me a spin. I'll be camping all week, but maybe I can get it up by Friday. Thanks!

Yo, Jen! Give me a spin

I want a time spin, it's already composing in my head.

Yo, Jen! Give me my spin!

I think the identical spots are very cool Jen. I don't think I've seen that before with parent/ child.

I'll play mystery spin Jen.

What Alaina said!

Spin me up Jen!

Your mom cracks me up. I see where you got your sense of humor. I seriously do not believe people are just telling you that about Sprite. She IS gorgeous. I have a funny story about an incident like that I need to post about.

I find the identical birthmark thing fascinating. The Man Cub has two birthmarks, both just like his daddy. I am told he has my "perfectly shaped" (my aunt) ears and my smile. I think he looks like himself or my brother, not me or the hubs. We all see different things.

John's just jealous. I think that is SO cool! My son has one pointed ear lobe and one rounded, like my dad.
Okay, dare I say it......Send me a Spin, surprise me!!

Yo! Jen! Gimme a Spun!

I absolutely love that you and Sprite have the same spot on the back of your ear - that's a forever bond if I've ever heard one! :) I think Sprite looks like a great combination of both you and John - at least from the pictures I've seen. The perfect mix! :) Princess Nagger sometimes looked just like the hubby when she was a baby - probably the short hair mode, but as she's gotten older, she looks more and more like a mini me. But she acts a lot like her Dada - especially when they're both acting like 5 year olds! ;)

And yes, please, send me a spin! :)

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