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June 29, 2010


I've never had Musinex, but I've sure eaten asparagus...

And I think its lovely that John made two different trips to get you a food processer. If I asked David to go get me one, I would get a very blank look in response.

LOL, you will forgive me if I giggle just a little?

Well, at least you got hummus in the end. I wouldn't give up on the homemade hummus yet. Try it with the Cuisinart processor sometime.

I won't take Musinex because the pills are HUGE and you can't crush them and I have an issue with pills that would make a horse would go, "You want me to swallow THAT? Uh-uh, NO way!"

Mmmmm...pretzels. Too bad they're made with all that refined white flour.

Oh - and my Spin is up:

Your food adventures sound all too first blog entry was about baking brownies from black beans. Sometimes it's just better to buy the premade stuff :-)

Feel better!

Yeah, I go pre-made with hummus. I'll admit that it's one of my Farmer's Market splurges (there's a lady there that makes a to die for red pepper hummus).

Perservere with the food processor. I held back on mine for years, and just this spring have decided it's my new best friend. Little o agrees, as he now eats more real food and less jarred food.

WE love our zutzer(food processor) for shredded potatoes to make hash browns and making buscuits is much easier with it.

To go through all of that for hummus? I have to admit that I have never really tried it, but it has to be damn tasty for all of that effort. I think that might be on this week's grocery list. Thanks!

I got a good laugh out of the circumcised spoon. Now that I'm trapped in retail small appliance hell I get to hear a lot of these stories.

I'll still read your blog even if your pee stinks! My hubby and sons say that asparagus does the same thing to them!

I have never noticed that side effect from Musinex, but I'll sniff around next time I take it and let you know.

Yeah, it's the tahini that always keeps me from making the hummus. Though here in LA they sell it just about everywhere!

I had a remarkably similar experience making hummus. Now I have 5 or 6 cans of chickpeas and a food processor that didn't do the job but sounds like a 747 taking off, so I'm disinclined to use it for anything else.

Pnut butter can be used in place of tahini- there I saved you $8.00!

Hummus + franks Red HoT sauce= YUMMY!!!
Tahini from the bulk barn is much cheaper. Oh wait that's Canadian store. hmmmm

This might be a case for the "Will it Blend?" guy... youtube if full of blendable winners.

Wow, that's quite an exciting Tuesday!

In place of tahini I use sesame seed oil (for one can of chickpeas I use about a tbsp, just to give you a starting point), it tastes just as good and is waaaaay cheaper and easier to find.

(I also add a few tbsp of nonfat greek yogurt to make it extra creamy. But that's beside the point. Or not, since it's Random Tuesday.)

I rarely drink coffee so now when I do, my pee smells like yummy coffee. Not something I should tell people.

You and I can bake together. I'm going NUTS with the gluten free baking and now organic because of the link between pesticides and ADHD. Seriously, I'm looking into working at a local Coop and everything, making my own jellies, apple sauce, juices, GOLDFISH (gluten free with a $15 fish shaped cookie cutter). It's insanity.

I have done that blender "trick" with the spoon, broken the blender...

Give up the baking for a bit, I agree.

Oh and as far as your pee pee, have you ever peed after eating asparagus? Yeah....ugh!

I bought some musinex but still haven't had to take it. Thanks for the warning of sweet smelling pee. (That was weird to say)

I have heard about hummus before, but have never tried it. For that price I probably never will!! LOL!

Here is my Spin:

Nothing like saving money hmmmnnn? I do crap like that all the time and it never ceases to frustrate me!

Interesting... I thought mucinex was a syrup.

My friends (who are mostly from some exotic location far far away from Texas) try to get me to make hummus. They say it is the easiest thing in the world to make.

I say, it is the easiest thing in the world to buy from Costco.

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