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April 02, 2010


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oooooooooh! Maybe we should have our eventual "Moms Only" outing THERE!

Hilarious conversation! You are so adorable!

Hahahaha I remember this one. I think you'd be funny even without the drink.

I think that was one of the very first posts I read of yours - and it still makes me laugh today. I agree with Michele - you'd be funny even without the drink! ;)

And your deeeeep answer? Love it! :)

I like the way your mind works when you drink. LOL

I remember this one, and it made me laugh just as much this time around!

I remember that post the first time. And laughing my bum off. Love it!

I'm up!

Your conversations sound like some of the conversations Nick and I have, only we don't need alcohol to get all goofy when we talk--being tired can do it.
My spin is up:

First of all, thanks for this. In the midst of Spring (Break?) here and been completely absent from the haps.

My post is here:

And I have to say, I love your word twisting ways. It always makes me smile. Not quite as much as your tipsy conversations. :)

You are soo funny! I couldn't remember a drunken conversation for the life of me.

I think I would love to hang out with you when you are drinking (or not--either way you are funny!).

Here's my spin:


Now I want to go drinking with both of you!

Same reasons I don't drink... :-) Cute post.

I'm last minute here

Drinking Jen is funny, just a different funny from non drinking Jen.

And you do not have a lot of crap in your archives.

I remember this one! It IS one of your greatest hits! (Delete old posts? Don't you dare!)

I thought I commented earlier and yet it's not here! This was funny, Jen. But then again all your conversations are!

My spin...

Now I really gotta catch up on my reading!!!!

Do you mind if I link to your website?

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