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April 12, 2010


Ahahahahahhaha. Poor kiddo! Poor puppy! But still funny!

I've done that. Run into a door, that is. I did manage to stay quiet about it :)

This would never happen at my house because 5 minutes after I clean the windows Nessa has already left some doggie nose print art on it.

Lol. I thought that stuff only happened on tv.

hahah! maybe I should rethink the front windows?

Ow! Poor Sprite. And Blue. I remember my son doing that at about 5 at my MIL's. He was so embarrassed.

I feel for Sprite. And Blue. I do that, even with dirty windows. Or if it's a screen door.
C is for clumsy, in my case.

Poor babies! My kids did that when they were little.

Ow! Dang! Both of them doing that in a row? Odd.... :-)

The screen on the door leading from one of our decks to the living room no longer works because I didn't see it while walking into the house one day.

And no one even had to Windex it.

That's hysterical that Sprite followed Blue's head-thunk into the cleaned doors.

Poor things.

But thanks for the laugh! ;)

Those crows in the commercial do not lie.

Hope they're both feeling better.

Luckily my windows are so old that the seals have gone and moisture and dust have snuck between the pains. I choose to see it as a safety feature.

Yeah, that's why we don't wash windows. Poor Blue and Sprite (though it is kind of Karma for Sprite to thunk after giggling at Blue, huh?)

You need to get some of those window thingies so they know the door is closed (we have Handy Manny hanging out on our back door!)

How come windex never works that well when I use it? :)

Hehe. Well, now it should have a nice forehead smear to warn visitors.

I know I shouldn't laugh, but I am.

We have a glass screen door. one day, Miki had a playmate over and when her dad came to pick her up, she ran all the way from upstairs, past the kitchen, past her dad to bound out the door and ran right smack into it, knocking her backwords. It was like watching FHV live...I didn't laugh outloud, and made sure she was okay, but I was dying inside...does that make me a bad person?

I just read my many grammar mistakes...I really shouldn't drink coffee :)

*snort* That's hilarious! My mom once needed stitches because she walked into a full length window and broke her glasses against her face.

On a completely unrelated note, you won my give away! Stop by to check it out and e-mail me your address so I can mail you your prize!

Poor thing. Sorry... I laughed anyway. Reminds me of a cat I used to have. I would windex my sliding glass door and she'd see a bird out in the yard and take off full force into the door. And she would do it over and over. I guess either she had a concussion too or she just wasn't very bright. Maybe both? LOL

Cleaning and haircuts? Is he making up for something or just is he just bored with WoW and taking a break?

LOL!! Sorry, but that was hilarious!

Oh no! If if weren't for the hand prints and smudges on our doors, we'd be in the same predicament.

You are right, it's best if you don't do windows again honey. Although one time, we had that "ghost screen"? The one you can't really see and it looks like your door is just wide open? That works really well until your spastic best friend has one or two too many and takes it fast first going at a rapid speed to run in to go to the potty. Trust me, that'll leave a mark.

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