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February 12, 2010


ahahahahah! I wish you could actually address those valentines that way. On the other hand, it is 5:56 in the morning, I have to leave for work in around 15 minutes, and you just reminded me that I haven't done the valentines for my co-workers yet. AAAAAAAAAH!

Oh, the days of writing out all those valentines. They used to send home a class list so we got the spelling right. I guess "my friend" is easier, if not always correct. I like your own personal salutations Much Better!

To heck with political correctness! Let's just be honest with each other! Love the alternative greetings. :)

I'm sorry, but I'll be laughing over the fact that your face smells like a french fry all day.

The Recessionist's Valentine is hilarious! I remember those days of writing those Valentines...I was so happy when my kids learned to write!

WE got Turbo's done last night and he only messed up the long names(he ran out of room on the cards). My spin is up.

Love Your/Sprite's Valentine's. I just hope you brought the "right" ones to the party!!
At least in The Girl's school, food's not allowed, so I don't need to worry about the sugar rush!

"my friend", how generic. I like yours better.

(I'm in trouble when I eventually have to do this for X.)

I got all giggly and giddy last night when I was filling in Valentines for all our little one's friends at school today. Henners took great pains to make sure he handpicked exactly which dinosaur card went to which friend. As an aside...Henry is the only "Henry" in his entire school...Reese? Well, there's a bunch of those...all boys.

Whoops! I forgot...You're linked!

I do hope that some of those were not delivered. But what a great way to get the stress out.

Sometimes I feel that I wind up doing the Recessionist's Valentine myself these days. It's not the gifts we give, but the love behind the gifts that counts.

I understand the logic behind "to: my friend" but I can't help but feel the kids are being cheated. At least at my son's age, he's in first grade, and all the valentines he came home with are addressed to "friend" or even better "you". My memory might be a little fuzzy after ALL these years, but wasn't there something a little magical about seeing your actual name on the card and wondering if Timmy really "liked you for you, valentine".

Okay, I'm done.

I missed the recessionist valentine. I LOVE it. Thanks for the replay.

I totally LOVE your Valentine's for Sprite's class. Soooo funny!

Here's my link. Almost missed the deadline...

I like the "your friend today but probably not tomorrow." Beautiful.

Down with Valentines Day! I mean, really, what was the point of that exercise?

To answer your question, sadly, no, I don't get one. csn's deal is to choose something from their stores either to review OR give away. You don't get to do both, so I opted for the giveaway. I suppose that shows how low I am on the blogger totem pole. I aspire to someday be a blogger people want to give stuff to.

Too cute, Sprite's V-day cards!

That is so devious of the teachers to send home kids that are hopped up on sugar.

That "The Recessionist's Valentine" is awesome!

The next spin is going to be a hard one.

Love it! And think I may steal that Fharrie spelling ;-) We went with cards for all in their class, but I'm awaiting the reprimand for the few that we passed along to friends in other classes. It's pretty ridiculous. I wonder if kids would learn to play nice if they didn't get cards regardless?? Happy VDay!

love the cards!

i'm up, finally!

I'm pretty sure you just overlooked me, but I feel so unloved! Wah!! My spin didn't get included this week.

Sprite's friends will feel so loved. HA!

I did a spin this week

did you really turn those in to the teacher? Hilarious if you did! I would have loved to have seen the teacher's face..not to mention the parents of the kids they were given to! Luv ya, Cuz!

These are awesome! I want to be brave enough to do some of these cards!

LOL! We did our taxes on Halloween. I also took a trip tp Mississippi, even better than Detroit. HAHAHA

Halloween -what? I meant Valentines.

Love the "real" Valentines. Love your sense of humor.

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