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February 19, 2010


oooooooh! It sounds wonderful! I'm grateful almost every day that we only have tile, because while we are dogless, we have one cat who pees where he shouldn't, one cat who vomits all the time (for no medical reason anyone can discover), and only one cat who behaves herself. Still with tile there is clean up, and I'm addicted to my Shark Steam Mop. I have been known to hug the handle as I pass by. I should have done a Spin on that, but I forgot. Darn it!

Love the good kind of track marks too! Here's my spin!

Aww, man. Now I want one. If you ever are in need of work, I think you'd do great going door to door (or blog to blog?)

Love my steam cleaner, too! Every home owner with carpets and kids or pets needs one!

Yes, but if I BUY one, I'll have to USE it...

I wonder if I can convince Mike to get one of these babies? We've had them cleaned professionally once a year, but I would love to save the expense if this one works. Can you send me a link?

I have always wanted a spot cleaner. We have cats and the puke only on the carpet. They aim for the carpet. I really want a spot cleaner. Anyposts here is my spin:

I love it! A clean house is the best!

My Spin is in!

Wonderful on your discovery!! Glad your house smells better for it. We have had one for a few years, I knew they were wonderments from my parents owning rentals - getting white carpet back to white is a miracle in itself.

BTW, Maureens's name does not have a link.

I have been pulling for a Dyson, now I want a steam cleaner. I am such an easy sale. No wonder I have a million boxes of girl scout cookies.

Here is my spin:

Only $140? I'm sold. I love nothing more than clean carpets with trackmarks.

DId you not get my spin link yesterday? Here it is again:

Happy Friday!

I may have to buy me one of them there steam cleaners. And I don't have dogs. Yet, my kids are so much like dogs....Sigh.

I love the part about Sprite not standing for accusations of "tinkle trickery". So funny!

I'm spun:


We got rid of our carpet and had beautiful hardwood floors underneath. Thank goodness because a steamvac was definitely needed for our carpet!

Here's my spin!

Oh, I so wish I could get one of those! My kids make more mess than a dog and the previous owners of our house put in practically WHITE carpet!

And I thought the Dyson was good... I need one of those.

I'm sending this post to my husband to remind him to get the steam cleaner out! I am so in love with my Dyson...that is the one thing I can't live without. I get flat out giddy at clean carpets!

Oh, my neighbors have one of these and they let us borrow it each year to do our carpets. It's incredible. Yours look like new! God, we really love our pets, don't we?

I have been dreaming of nice clean carpet for a while now. But I may have to just go with a rental because I'm not sure a one bedroom apartment really justifies buying a steam cleaner.

Well, I'm sold! That is AMAZING. I'm sure Hoover appreciates the advertising!

Nice carpet. Don't suppose you'd like to make a really long road trip?

Hooray! We got a carpet cleaner last year for similar reasons. Although Boo-Boo (the dog) was pretty well potty trained, she would still have the occasional accident. Plus, our carpets just get dirty since our development is new and that means lots of people who have dirt for yards still. Those things are magic. Good think Mr. Clean knows how to operate it. ;)

Oh, and I agree with the trellis thing. We don't have one but my in-laws have all kinds of stuff hanging above the bed. My MIL just removed it for the first time since literally moving there like 20 years ago and it was SO GROSS. At least you clean yours!!!

Ooooo! I have a Hoover Steam cleaner too, and I LOVE the thing. I love dumping the nasty, dirty water - it's amazing (and horrifying) that all that came from our carpet!

In the morning, I will have an award waiting for you. I hope you'll stop by to pick it up!

The biggest reason why we put down tiles, when we did the floors in this house. Pet stains are the worst, seems like the smell is always there no matter how many times you clean it.

I always wanted a steam cleaner, glad you finally got one and love it.

I love the lines from the cleaner too!! It makes it seem like a brand new carpet EVERY time!

Your carpets look great!! I hope the smell is fully gone too. I've done my own carpets and lost the stain but the smell was a little present still.

Oh and I recently borrowed a friends shampooer to try it out (it's a little mini-dyson i think), and I added the cleaner and hot water and took care of some spots, but then I didn't want to waste the half of container of soapy water, so I put it in the garage. Then I later added hot water to the soapy water to use it again....maybe a week later....and it left a hideous moldy smell in the spot I used it on.
hmmm....water in a sealed container gets moldy? Yeah, that sounds familiar...

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