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December 02, 2009


That's adorable!

Love it! he's been invited to dinner?

I could go for that! It's really cute!!!

Now that's cute!

Holy cuteness, batman! Did a family member bake that bird?

God, that's cute!
I used to get those little chocolate turkeys for my kids each year and put it at their place at dinner with a new holiday tree ornament. I didn't do it this year and no one noticed. *sigh* they're so OLD>

Very cute. If that is cake it would be the only turkey I would eat also.

Yes, Michele, that is cake, very moist and delicious cake. There were no leftovers of this bird! A family friend of my in-laws made it since she is an amatuer cake artist (hoping to go pro) and did an amazing job with the fondant (or modeling chocolate.. I bow to her creativity).

Okay, the folks at Cake Wrecks were claiming there was no such thing as a well-done turkey cake. Wrong! You should send them a link! This is the second awesome one I have seen.

Love it!! Was it good?

Oh that is CUTE!

That looks awesome....Yum!

Man those gibblets look good! What an adorable cake. Is this the same cake baker that helped with Sprite's b-day cake?

I'm spinning too this week:

That is cool and looks yummy - did you see my post about the kids' lunch? Turkeys made of fruit, and well...turkey ;-)

Can you post recipe or email it, please?? Happy Thanksgiving!

Almost seems a shame to slice in to him...almost.

That is the best looking turkey, I have seen in a long time. Yummy!

That is one tasty looking bird.

Very cute!

I'd dig in too.


That is awesome.

I will now have to think of a more original comment than "cute"

Nope, can't do it.

For what it's worth, sometimes apologizing to end the fight is a wise strategy.


OK, that is the COOLEST thing I've EVER seen!

Now I want cake.

And some turkey.

Jesus. I need that. Now.


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