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November 23, 2009


hee hee. I enjoyed this one the first go round also. By the way, I may have said this then, but I enjoy potatoes only as vehicles to get the butter and salt to my mouth faster! :)

Happy Thanksgiving my friend!!

Weight Watchers could recruit you.

I am participating all week too, and will have my Spin up shortly.

Actually, those are good tips. I usually don't eat all day and then pig out. Maybe I should try to control myself this year?

First I have to say I'm laughing over the vision of Sprite constructing a trap of sorts for the fat man when he comes for her cookies...I hope you'll take pictures! :)

Those are great (and hilarious) tips! I'm like Maureen - I usually don't eat all day then pig out...then feel horrendously bloated. I think I'll make some adjustments this year! ;)


For me it is not the potatoes it's the gravy. I could drown myself in it.

I've got a tip, me pretending I'm not the HASAY leader until after the holidays are over. Does that fly? Totally off the wagon here, again. It's been one month since I hit the gym.

I think we need pictures of Sprite's Santa trap. Genius.

These are some good tips. Since I'm going to a buffet this year (which is evil, but wonderful at the same time)I think I'll try drinking water and exercising beforehand.

Happy Thanksgiving!! Great tips! Gosh have we been bloggin' that long.

Thanks for the tips, my waistline is going to need them!

Thank you for the tips. I've been trying to lose weight and dreading having to try to keep to a diet during the holidays.

Have a great week!


Dude, if she gets old Santa in her trap, make sure she lets him out before daylight! Lg will be all sorts of pissed if he misses our house.

I love the tips! This year PB resolved to be the one to bring something healthy as a side. He's been trying out new recipes for weeks. Sigh.

I love the idea of a week of thanks!

This is a rough time of year for dieting.

Good tips, Jen.
Exercising as much as possible this I can justify indulging in yummy desserts.
Have a lovely holiday week.
I think I will have a post or two.

I purposely sign up for the Turkey Trot run so I make sure to exercise before I eat a shit ton.

Happy Thanksgiving week.

Do you celebrate Christmas?

these tips ruin Thanskgiving. Mashed potatoes with butter and sour cream and chives and more butter is what the pilgrims were fighting for!! I cannot let them have taken over the indians land in vain....

But I agree-exercise extra long that morning and drink lots of water!

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