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September 10, 2009


Ah yes, I think you've summed up parenthood nicely. It's full of things we can't wait for them to experience because we know they'll love them. And then they don't...

The one attraction you think they'll like and they prove you wrong. Happens every dang time.

So true. You think you're in their heads and you are so NOT!

How'd she do with the characters? The Girl FREAKED at the characters the first time, even the "real people" characters, which bummed me out because she was way into princesses at the time. Next time around, a year later, we had to get pictures with EVERY character. That was 2005, so don't ask how that scrapbook is coming . . .

Ah, children. My uncle David, who became a father for the first time just 3 months shy of his 50th birthday, once compared them to canaries - they only sing beautifully when no one is around to hear them. Kids - they take Murphy's Law and make it their own.

At least you tried. And you have a beautiful new stuffed toy to add to the masses. :)

Oh man, that sounds frustrating. First, Chase bank and then that?!? I hope the rest of your trip went well!

Aw, so sweet and so right on. But I'll tell you, even at 13, my kids still loved the shows and collected character autographs. And I'd felt so bad we hadn't taken them till my youngest was 7. So you've got plenty of time.
Oh, and here's my Spin:

I feel your pain...we took our 2 year old to Disney last year as a test to see if he would even like it..he LOVED it. The rides which I didnt think he would go for were his faves..What he hated and made him cry his eyes out? Meeting Tigger and Pooh...we waited in line for.ever. And as soon as he got to the front..pandemonium. Poor turkey. I was quite surprised. Pitch black ride through a tunnel doesnt bother you but Tigger does? He told me TIGGER IS TOOOO BIG.

Oh man! That is rough! Sorry that you guys had a hard time with her on Sunday. I am just glad that mine are past the fear of darkness phase.

Yep, I think you got those thoughts just right! Poor Sprite. Logan was a punk when we took him to the aquarium, too. The 4-D movie completely freaked him out.

How about a spin?

I had a similar experience with Monsters Inc Laugh Floor....Little Kong loved that darn movie but the moment the lights dimmed (and it actually doesn't get really dark in there at all) he freaked!!! screaming, crying, yelling..."OUT!!! OUT!!!!" that is one time I was glad his behavior resembled that of other children his age....although we WERE the only ones exiting the attraction. I left the hubs there with 2 double strollers LOL!!!

Wow... reading this has a whole different meaning for me. I was that kid... afraid of the exact kinds of things. Only the sad part is that I didn't really have the same kind of supportive parenting. Mine would have done the same thing... taken me out of there as fast as possible... but they were enfuriated by such sensitivies. (NORMAL sensitivies, looking back on it.) So, good for you for going deeper and being such great parents!

She had an experience, nobody lost any limbs or blood. What more could you ask for?

I think most of us have been through this exact scenario, thinking that their child will LOVE something and ending up in tears, rushing out and being devastated by the let-down.

It's frustrating. Why can't kids be smart enough to know they like what we tell them to like?!

heartbreaking! it's so hard ot know if they're going to love that kind of thing or hate it. and it seems whatever we guess is wrong.

Poor baby! She'll enjoy it more when she gets older...and so will you! I guess she was afraid of the dark?

Ha ha is that the Little Mermaid Show at Disney or MGM?? Meg had the same reaction, reading your post was like reliving it all over except we made her sit through the whole thing (she just keep her face buried in my shoulder). She was also about Sprite's age when we gave it a shot. Meg still doesn't like really dark attractions when she gets on them, but raves about them when they're over. :-)

Pobrecita Sprite!! It's so funny that the things you think will be So Exciting to kids can be So Scary.

Max and Ruby Live was going to be somewhere local and while I thought of taking Jonathan ....I just knew it would end like this..

This reminds me of the trip we took to Orlando in January and Graham STILL talks about being afraid of the dinosaurs at the T-Rex Cafe.

Isn't that just like kids: The one thing you think they'll love...whether it's a movie, a show, a present, a food...and they don't like it for some reason. Sigh. On the other hand, the one thing you don't even think about, they love. So fickle, these little kiddies.

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