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August 14, 2009


Well you did the same thing everyone else did since your post wasn't bad either. So there.

Ditto what Casey said... And you're right, the comments were hilarious!! I hadn't 'discovered' you by then, so it was 'fresh' for me, and I love it! I suppose I should leave a rhyming comment this time, but meh, I've only had one cup of coffee so my brain isn't at 100% yet this morning... ;)

What Casey said, I've yet to see a bad post in any of that because well they are all in my blog reader and if they are there they are there because I enjoy reading these people. The only "bad" here was the assignment. :P (and I say that in the nicest possible way)

I forgot to send you my link! Maybe not the worst but it was the only one that no one responded to!

It's funny that you should post this poem, because a nightmare of epic proportions is what woke me up from a very sound sleep this morning.

Then I had to go punch Beloved on the arm and yell at him, "When I tell you not to go walk next to the burning lava because you'll fall in, don't go walk next to the burning lava!"

If you knew the man, you'd know how valid a concern that really is.

You never linked me! Mine was up on Tuesday. I feel unloved. Sad day :-(


I'm up. Not the worst writing, but it's painful for other reasons, so that's why I'm choosing it.

Also, the comments on the original? Hilarious. If I was a little less gross feeling I would probably try to come up with clever rhymes right now.

I already kick myself enough, so I couldn't bring myself to find a post I really didn't like. Books, I am big on, though, so I'll have one ready for next week!

C'mon, poetry is meant to be wacky and obscure! :)
Happy Friday!


The comments were fab.

I thought it was fun. And you were right, the comments were great fun.

Books? Ho boy. what to choose, what to choose...

I love playing with different forms.

You sound perfectly sane to me.

But that's not saying much :)

welllll, it may not have been your best ever, but I still love it when you rhyme!

Ha. I remember reading that the first time. Re-reading all I can say is ????? Surreal almost. Maybe it would work better as performance art. You on a dark stage with Ah well.

This comment has nothing to do with Spin Cycles. Random question...I want a Sprite's Keeper button for my blog. You gonna make one? :) I am falling in love with buttons.

Sure, Jenny? Um, how eaxactly would I go about making one of those?

I don't know. I am NOT tech savvy. How did you make the Spin Cycle button? Would John know how?
I'm a patient girl. I'll wait while you figure it out. Maybe other bloggers would know how to do it and help. :)

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