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July 24, 2009


I think I would fall in love with that part of Florida too. I live in the part of Florida that is so south that its almost North again. Not much to love tree-wise down here. Unless you love scrubby palms? We have lots of those.

I love Spanish moss and we usually have a lot of it around here. Senor Hurricane Ike took all our Spanish moss down. It will come back, hopefully soon. Next vacation you could come here. I have a big house.

Pseudo you still talkin' about vacations? :)))

Great post! Love that you guys just went for it with the family vacation. We only get so much time with these kids after a certain age. My mom lives in Fla, and they all freak out that the spanish moss trees are gonna ruin their plumbing or fall on their house in a hurricane. They hate them. Drives me crazy; I think they're so beautiful.
I can relate to a lot of your island woes; makes me happy I can do a roadtrip after only a 40 min ferry ride...

Here is mine!

Vacation of a lifetime. So important. I love this post! I wish I could do Florida this year... just for a change of scenery. (And to see people, too).

What a great thing to ask for as a gift! Now, on your posts, you need to fill us in on NYC and Boston and DC. This sounds like a big adventure.

Now, now, you know your sister should have bought a house in Savannah where the Spanish moss is REALLY gorgeous...instead of hiking on down to Florida, which is not even a part of the south; the REAL south, that is!

Wow, that is a vacation of a life time. Living where you do I am sure it is worth it except for the fact you can't be around family so much.. might be a good thing..sometimes LOL but I don't think I could do it. Florida, is beautiful, lived in Destin, Florida for almost 12 years myself. I came home because of my moms health. I can go to Florida any time I want I still have friends there and it's only 3 hours away. But, I only have ONE mom, so my duty is here for now. Wonderful stories I love reading your blog and host spots :-)

I had heard the cost of living there was astronomical. I never really thought that those living in paradise might actually like to go on vacation away from that paradise sometimes. Makes sense, kinda. ;)

I would love to see Florida, I had planned a trip in May 1999 but I never got there. I'll have to try again.

Ohhhhhhhhh, keeping me in the dark here on next week's topic. Not cool, man. Just kidding, I have nothing better to do next week since I'm still in recovery mode.

Glad you liked FL, Pseudo. Our neighbors have two Oak trees that provide shading in half of our backyard and the moss is pretty but not fun to clean up.

Ok, now I want to go to Florida! And yes I went to Disney World last year, but that SO does not count.

Great guest post, Pseudo! And thanks for choosing/hosting her, Jen!

Makes me miss FL - I was born in raised there and now I am in Indiana. (The only thing keeping us here is that I have a good job - which is a big thing now-a-days.)

Hanging out in Florida is fun for today. I like it here.

Laufa - interesting bit of trivia. My good friend SMB (Words of Wisdom from a Smart Mouthed Broad) was raised in Indiana and now lives in Florida...

Been to NY and Florida, but never Hawaii. My in-laws were married there (Hawaii) and recently visited again.

It sounds lovely.

Love that spanish moss! I miss it from my home in Alabama!

Pseudo IS awesome, isn't she? I only wish I'd known her 2 years ago when she and the fam wheeled thru DC...could have cut some cash off the cost of that vay-cay!

that wheel thingy is a santa maria style bbq my dear:

(they paid god knows how much to have it lugged across country, but you gotta keep what's important)

great post and have a great weekend...

Is the best part of a vacation thinking about it beforehand, living it or thinking about it after?

Love Fla. and love georgia, the spanish moss is so beautiful in both places. great guest post phst.

I love that part of Florida most. The Spanish moss in the trees just makes everything look so romantic. Until it's all over your lawn....Everything has it's up and down side. :-) Great spin, Psuedo!

I have two children in college and it's expensive for sure. Even with scholarships and living close enough to commute, it's expensive. I hope they get scholarships.

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