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May 21, 2009


I've already decided that I don't want my kids to be perfect. I figure if I really screw them up they can make a career out of going on Oprah and writing tell all memoirs. You know, like Leta Armstrong.

Sounds like a great read! Sign me up.

(Don't pick me, I can't use it.)

I am glad that you found something that was really helpful! I have long said that kids need a manual. I also will tease Bear about leaving the kids manuals at the hospital.

I like the training manual pull-quote. Clever!
Even though they have a clear editorial direction, parenting mags often find it hard to maintain a steady voice with all the different writers and their various points of view. Which is why sometimes books ARE the way to go. Not that I should be knocking my own industry, but it's the truth. ;)

Sounds like a great read! I'd love a new parenting book to read with some fresh ideas, or even just some great laughs. I've got three boys three and under and one on the way. I need it!

I just found your blog while googling "Sprite". I've already bookmarked you.

We're just starting the toddler years and desperate to figure out how to manage temper tantrums

It's nice to know there may be a parenting book out there that is actually helpful. Instead of condescending and useless.

BTW, mah spin is up!

I SO need this book. If for no other reason than I too would like to ditch the bulb from hell. Oh, yeah and I have a 27 month old who's tantrum last night brought me to tears.

LOL - I'm partial to the grape juice pull quote myself.

Although I am way past the age where I am raising toddlers (excuse me for a moment while I do a HAPPY DANCE), I will still be interested in winning the book, so I may give it to my stepdaughter in a couple of years. After she's realized that, yes, it may be awhile before he'll give it up to the potty and has decided to subsist on a diet of Cheerios and microwavable mac 'n' cheese.

I love parenting books.

I'll have to check this one out.

I've got to say that I stumbled on your blog from a like in Betsy Shaw's on babycenter and it's cracked me up for the past few days. I pretty much read one blog and then had to go through all the archives to get up to date. It's a wonder my co-workers haven't come over to check on me since I have repeatedly had to hide behind my monitor until I could quit laughing. The Kashi Crunch was a killer! Looking forward to more posts. I've been debating on starting my own blog and you may have just pushed me over the edge. :o)

My five year old still doesn't get the concept of blowing his nose.

Is it hardcover, so that I can use it to wonk my kid over the head when I get tired of getting stabbed during the "I'm learning how to use a fork" stage?

I like the instruction manual tag, too. Sign me up.

Hope the ER wasn't too bad...

I was waiting for the ER story. I hope Sprite is OK. I would read more books about discipline and such, but I'm usually pulling my child off the top of the island in the kitchen or out of the toilet where he's thrown a phone or off the dog, a Jack Russell mix, which he thinks he can ride like a pony.

BTW, your Hubby may be right about the squirrels in your attic. If you know what I mean. :-)

A manual for raising kids!?!?! Fantastic! I might just rethink my "parenting is too scary. say no to having kids" position.

PS: Don't include me in the raffle. I might change my mind again after your soon to come post regarding the ER.

You'd think by kid four I wouldn't need a manual, but I do, I really really do. Just the tip on how to get him to blow his nose is coveted!

I like the "pull line" involving star stickers.

If I don't win I'm obviously going to need to go pick up my own copy of this book. All the challenging toddler stuff that never ocurred to Elizabeth is full force in Lilli. Speaking of Lilli, I don't suppose we could trade children for a bit? Every time I try to sing "I know you" lately (formerly the favorite for Lilli also), she says "No 'I Know You', sing bunny foo foo!". I'm so SICK of Little Bunny Foo Foo! Waaaaaaaaah!

I got that beat - my SEVENTEEN-YEAR-OLD doesn't get the concept of blowing his nose!
(OMG - it sounds like I'm bragging about this...)

I like the grape juice quote the best but they're all good.

I need this book, if only for the nose blowing tactic. That's the most annoying thing to teach a kid, I need the answer, now. Ugh, toddlers are "difficult".

I'm glad you enjoyed the book! Jen contacted me on Twitter with an offer to try it, but I told her I break into a sweat juts thinking back on those buys, busy years. Glad Sprite is okay. Yes, gotta lose that ER virginity some day...

Thanks for the wonderful review. Together, perhaps we can create a nose-blowing revolution. Or maybe we'll just be happy not to be our toddlers' giant walking tissues anymore.

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