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January 30, 2009


Dude...I finally did a Spin Cycle! I'm not too late for the Music topic, am I?

I'm going to take all week to think about this one. So, we have to write and post the Spin on Feb. 6th? Or anytime up until that point? I'm a top of Spinning confusion over here.

I love the music in your head. I can relate.

Hi, CDB!
You can link up anytime until the end of Feb 6 with your Spin. In fact, if you follow this one post, I update it every time a Spin comes in. Gets longer and longer and longer and... you get it. :-)

ooh - saving moolaa. One of my favorite things to talk about but not one of my favorite things to do! I will definitely do the Spin this week.

this is a great spin! Mine is up for this week! - come on by and check it out.

Aren't we supposed to fight the economy by spending more?


Don't faint! I posted a spin this week.

Oh my stars! I finished this week's spin before Saturday!

I could have sworn I gave you this earlier today...

I remembered this week. It goes live tomorrow at 6. Woot!

Here's mine...not for the faint of heart or sensitive types

You're right! I did post a spin without even realizing it.

Honestly, this "menopause brain" thing just sucks.

Anyway ... here's my "official" spin. :)

Here is mine:

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