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January 30, 2009


How funny. I've always made up goofy songs about what I was doing to entertain Beeper, and now he likes to sing about what he's doing.

Here's my spin for the week:

Here is mine:

here is my spin ...

can't wait to read everyones ... when my daughter finally gets through this yuck.

I love singing with my kids, too. Sometimes the lyrics Logan slaughters are so hilarious! I love Sprite's "doopy doopy doo"!!

Oh no, not the Sleeping Beauty song!!
Here is my updat:
Thanks Jen!!
My 5yr old made up a song the other day about underwear, it was so funny.

you two are a couple of cool cats, scattin while your getting your duds on.

I love me some Neil Diamond and Harry Connick Jr! I also love that Sprite picked up on your love of music and made it her own.

Please don't kill me, I completely forgot to spin this week. I'm ashamed and embarrassed and afraid to face you. The week got away from us and we're all still sick. I promise not to let it happen again. :(

Oh, I love to make up songs with the kids - i usually try and do it to teach them something since they love to hear music.

Here's my spin!

Jonathan could never sing the songs I make up because I can't even remember them! I just make 'em up as I go. That is probably why he looks at me with such a confused little expression. That and he's probably thinking "What a weirdo my mom is. Will this be passed down to me?!"

Am I the ONLY one that listened to Madonna in the 80's???

I think the Jazz Singer was a mandatory in every Jewish home in 1980... "love on the rocks...ain't no surprise... pour me a drink... and I'll tell you some lies...."
Wow, that recall was WAY too easy!
Great spin this week!

Bon Jovi stayed? Really?

What a little mimic! I hope Xander doesn't repeat any of the songs I sing to him. They're embarassing.

I love the scattin'! I've tried, but I end up sounding like I've got a speech impediment or something.

Friday sneaks up fast!

I grew up hearing (and loving) all kinds of music, and thought it was cool that you mentioned some of my favorites (especially Jason Mraz and Michael Buble-love them!) So cool that Sprite scats-we're not as talented at improv over here-lol! My spin is up, hope it isn't too late:

Cute post! Love it. doopy, doopy, doo.

I grew up listening to the kingston trio. Not many know of them....

I did it. I finally got a Spin in ontime -

I love this idea.

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