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January 06, 2009


Hey, for a girl that never does meme's, you're pretty good.
Happy Anniversary to your parents. Thirty-five years is quite impressive! I haven't even been alive that long!
I'm glad you met John and changed your direction... being a wife and mom suits you and you're great at it. Plus, you seem kinda happy so there's that.

Number 5? Just genius. I recon if I tried doing that for my kids right now, they'd have it spent on chocolate bars and marbles before the cashier could prize the money out of my hands.

You are turning into a bit of a Meme queen . . .

Very Nice interview.

JR & I have a joke about being married 25 years. We tell everyone that we are too lazy to get a divorce. Also, that our "song" is Highway to Hell. Another story.

Happy Anniversary Sprite's grandparents!

I'm always curious where life will take me.

10 years I was 19 - a freshmen at college. I'm not sure I even want to remember all the silly stuff I was up to.

I wonder if I'll find my today self as silly in 10 or 25 years?

Your parents sound awesome. Congrats and Happy Anniversary!

I loved this! You did a meme for me, despite your bitter feelings toward them, so I'm biting. Interview me!

Congrats to your parents... mine will have their 35th on the 12th. I'm so happy to know that there are still people out there who make it that far!

Great answers! It's so great to see where life takes us in comparison to where we thought we would be.

Poor braced kid, never knew what hit him.
Go ahead, be creative, send me some questions.

Thank You! We are just so blessed to have 3 wonderful children and 2 wonderful Grandchildren. I'm glad you met John and he showed you that being loved by a wonderful man can bring wonderful changes to your life. And I'm glad you put your education first before getting married it is so hard to do it the way your father did it some times life just gets in the way.

I always knew you were a smart cookie! 4.0! Yay, you!

And I have to admit I was feeling sorry for the garage kisser until he turned out to be a big old PERV!! Gropper!! That sucks.

Happy anniversary to Baba and....Papa(?) (What's Dad called?)

Sprite calls my father "Zieda" pronounced "Z-aye-dah". Baba and Zieda are offshoots of the Yiddish words Bubbi and Zeidi for grandmother and grandfather. I called my mom's parents this and continued the tradition with Sprite. Thanks, HP!

35 years is something to be proud of... Happy Anniversary, Sprite's Grandkeepers!
I bypassed everyone on my blogroll and came here first after a brief haitus. I missed you, Jenny Boo Boo Boo.

I am proud and honoured to be a spot on your frequent stalking route.
I loved your perverted little kissy kissy stories. So adorable.
Thanks for letting me interview you!

There's a "perv" boy in every school. Good for you for turning him in.

Congrats to your parents - That is great!

Loved your answers - an FBI profiler - WOW!

Happy Anniversary to your parents!

I am glad that you are happy with your life the way that it is. My plans have changed over the years and I am so glad that they did.

P.S. Somehow, I feel like I am playing with fire here. But, interview me too.

I really like this! I'm trying to formulate a lesson plan out of it ...
but I would love some questions thrown my way!

Nicely done! Happy Anni to Baba and Zieda.

Oh I would love some questions!! Pretty Please!! I have been running low on the creativity part of my brain lately! Thanks! Loved the post and your parents dont look old enough to be married 35 years! Seriously! I am not just kissing ass to get some good questions here! : )

No way! My Dad was also getting a degree while I was growing up. Wow, I hadn't thought of that in years...

Happy Anniversary to your parents!

You know how I love the memes. This was a great one!

I told Heinous I was in on his, but PLEASE send me at least one random question. I just have to know what you'd pick for me!!!
Happy Anniversary to Dad and Baba!!!!!!
You were totally brilliant 10 years ago!

WOW! Your parents rock! I love hearing about couples who have weathered a few decades together. It is so inspiring. I've been married for almost five years and am so amazed at the couple / families who make it work. Congratulations, Sprite's grand-keepers!

BTW: I've been thinking a lot about the spin for this week - and am starting to feel guilty that I can't pick a guilt to write about! I'll spin next week.

I adore the thinking with your heart part!! Happy Anniversary Jen's parents!!!

Oh, and if you still feel like it, interview me. Be nice though. :)

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