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December 27, 2008


Here's mine!

Yeah! I've got my resolution spin done early for a change. Maybe I should have made that one of my resolutions. Nah! I work better under pressure.

I'll be checking out the others.

Happy New Year!

I don't know about this, but here's my resolutions (or lack thereof):
Looky Here, I'm on top of it this week!!

It's lame but it's done ;-)

It's rather simple to say but difficult to do:

I came up with four of 'em. Yes - the picture one does SO count.

I'm up! W00t!

Ah...there ya go! :)

Ok...i'm in...

I'm spinnin'

Here's my spin:

I am in!!!

Here ya go!

Here's my New Year's resolutions:


Here's mine!

I got a bit sappy, but here it is:

Mine uses all the best swear words. Buyer beware.

PS: I'm a S.C. virgin!

Mine includes pictures, hope you laugh hard!

here's mine!

Mine's kinda lame, but hey, I'm working nights!

Here is my Spin:

Hi! I'm new around here.

Here are a few goals, and lots of other miscellaneous:

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