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October 04, 2008


Did I hear Blue get threatened during the filming of that video? I'm telling! Sprite was so cute and she looked so serious.
One of my dogs gets yelled at on a daily basis for invading the kid's territory. She has to be where we are so she's up our butts all day long and usually in the way. She's received a death threat or two over the years but nothing serious.

Poor Blue ... just going in for a kiss.


I've got three ... one of them has learned to put his nose under my nightgown to lift it up while I'm walking into the kitchen in the morning and then puts his cold wet nose on my butt. I believe I've said worse than "I'm going to kick your ass" to that one.

Sprite is hilarious! So serious. Funny little Blue! Dogs find babies irresistable like the rest of us do!

"I'm not your dancing monkey, dammit! Get that camera out of my face."

Sprite! You look so tired! Oh, honey, you were an adorable baby.

I don't judge. I've threatened our animals with "enhanced interrogation techniques" before.

Oh my God, you made me laugh so hard! That was just so cute, Thanks for sharing.

LMAO... You went from totally sweet to bitch mode in 0.2 seconds. That would totally be me, wait that is me! lol

Made my night. Hilarious.

Aw lookit Sprite in her little chair! I always meant to get one of those...

My mom used to let her dog lick my babies in the mouth. I would freak out, but she would just laugh. It's so effing gross!

Very cute, love it when we get such stuff on video!

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