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September 27, 2008


Stickers are like crack for kids. Stickers and bubbles. Why is it they'll do anything for one? It's the strangest thing but I plan to use it to my advantage later on down the line.

Ditto Casey! The professional photogs make up silly things like 'stinky monkeys' 'smelly turtles', etc. I'm just saying that "cheese" does not work once they start making goofy faces with it, but these silly phrases make 'em laugh. Maybe it'll work for you - tho she's cute no matter what, I can understand the frustration. Happy weekend :-)

Don't you hate it when you make promises you can't keep?! She's so expressive I can't stand it! She's adorable.

Speaking of promises that people can't keep...I saw you have a post on the debates below. I must ch-ch-check it out.

She is a Cute-Tee!

That is hysterical!! I think from the looks of those photos you are going to have a little Mini Jen on your hands, am I wrong?

What a cutie. And LOL@ last picture--sticker induced meltdown?

Too cute... this is also my girl's reaction to the camera lately. Not sure what happened to the sunny grins I'd get every.single.time anymore!

She's still adorable, grin or no grin!!

Sprite is just the cutest baby ever! (Except for mine, of course. ;) ) Did she ever get her stickers?

Yup, she's definitely taking after me. And yes, she did get her sticker.
She is coveting stickers right now, so I'm trying to figure out a way to make them work for me in the potty training circuit.

She's such a doll! And what's up with the sticker? Geez, I gotta fork over cold, hard cash for photo ops in my house.

I can't decide who is cuter: Sprite, the hubby, or that popsicle. All are yummy - good job!

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