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September 24, 2008


Its amazing that toys and children lose thier newness so fast. It is such a bittersweet experience.

It's like you've sneaked into my house and grabbed a page out of my diary. I had such a difficult time with my children's toys becoming "gently used". I always kept my toys in pristine condition. But my son? He has the Noah's ark play thing too. If he were in charge of this earth, animals would be doing a lot of cross breeding. I think only the zebras have their mates left. I feel your pain.

Jen, that ark is the bane of my existence since I feel it necessary to make sure the animals are all accounted for. I hate linking my own stuff, but here's a poem about my experience with Noah's Ark.
I wrote it a while ago, but it immediately came to mind.

Oh my... this is what's in my future, isn't it? Each night I walk through the house doing this for Madeline - gathering up the stacking rings and placing them appropriately, pulling all of her toys into the basket we keep in the living room. Strange to think that someday she'll have a mind of her own about these things.

This is a sweet post - what a great snapshot of your daughter as she is now!

Poor tea set. :)

Mike still denies the twirling incident. But, I don't think he'll ever live it down. hahahahehehe!! It was great chatting with you last night!

When we were kids my grandma (who me and my 2 sisters lived with) also watched my 2 cousins...who had perfect toys and games...because tehy destroyed ours, so we have nothing left except a few stuffed animals and the never out of the box holiday barbies.

Even tho my sweet daughter is only 14 months I know what your talking about because of my 7 year old niece. I have never in my life seen so many small pieces to toys. She loves Polly Pocket and those Littlest Pet Sop things. They're horrible, whenever I go over to her house I always end up stepping on a half billion little pieces. They're awful to get out of those stupid packages, and their cant eats them....they're awful, awful,awful!!

I hope those things are gone before my DD startrs asking for things (cross your fingers). Luckily we missed the Barney craze.

Sorry for the crazy post, my brain's not working right because I was up all night cuz Cutie Pie was sick....I've never seen so much vomit in my entire life...see brain's not working sorry.....

Sounds like we my kid, destroy destroy destroy. I went through that phase, where I would spend every night piecing everything back together but it was driving me MAD. Now I have bins every five feet to throw the pieces in at the end of the night so I don't have to step on any crap. Sorry about your Cabbage Patch Kids!

Oh - wait till you have a boy!!! (Hint to John on behalf of jen)

There will be cars without wheels - trains without tracks - super heros without their "super gear" - instruments without sound - cars with new paint jobs - oh yeah, Sprite's toys will be fair game!

Oh my goodness, missing toy pieces kind of make me a little nuts, but they are so hard to keep track of, dangit!!

And referencing the above comment, are you going to spill the beans on John's comment to your post requesting #2??

Right now, he only shakes in response. So, I'm guessing we're not there yet.. :-)

Ugh! I swear! (Well, look who's talking, I just mention another child and my husband clears the bed! LOL) You'll get there in time, if not when you come down south again - let him spend a day with my hubby and kids! (on second thought, that might scare him away - scratch that idea! LOL)

We picked Jonathan's toys up twice last night and right now he is in to throwing them across the room...the toys I spent money on. Throwing them and slamming them and leaving them in the floor where last night I stepped on one and thought I had broke my foot. Luckily it was just the toy --one I'd picked up on clearance.

I sort of miss those days, silly I know, but now they are responsible for everything. Whatever doesn't get picked up in time goes in the give-away bag. The other day, I actually made up some excuse to go thru their toys and had a blast. Sorry about your treasures - I have seen a few of mine bite the dust :-(

Is it wrong that we have some toys that are "Mommy's"? I have this fond hope that it will preserve them a little longer and that the pieces will stay together. I started it so that my toddler would learn to share with her little sister (its a lot easier to share somebody else's toy), and it has worked, but I have some guilt about the whole thing. Man, is it painful to run across a destroyed toy though.

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