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July 24, 2008


How funny! Looks like you are going to have to take those batteries out!

Sprite is incredibly smart. Hopefully she will get the potty thing down soon.

Oh I laughed at the bare bottom hippie thing.. Meggers has been bouncing up and down like a toddler saying "shake your booty baby" really I don't know where she gets it from (shakes booty)
A potty that plays music what will they think of next. Is Sprite at least going on the potty a bit?
Maybe holding diaper and saying poopy was her way of saying I need the potty mommy, but you already thought of that and I'm being one of those annoying mommy advice people aren't I? Ok I'll stop

We got one of those song-playing potties too, but my son refused to sit on it for any "bidness" purposes. He just liked to hear it sing too. So we ended up just taking it out of the bathroom and letting him sit on the big people potty. That kid never has been easy!

That is hilarious!

Oh my gosh...I laughed so hard at this.

Jonathan does not seem interested one little bit in using the potty. he thinks it is to put his toys in.

Oh well. Maybe soon.

And he would do the exact same thing with the dancing if it had a music setting I bet.

That Sprite is one smart cookie! It never ceases to amaze me what little kids can do.

I struggled to potty train my son for over 6 months. I started when he was 2 and a couple months - the first time - and then waited until he was three. Finally just before he was 3 1/2, he actually got it.

So with my second - I just waited. Started about two months after her 3rd birthday and she was totally trained in 5 days. (we did do the whole 5 minutes on the potty every night thing, but didn't really expect anything out of it)

Guess you just gotta wait 'til they're ready. Look at it this way - at least Sprite is learning new skills...turning music on!

I suddenly no longer feel left out on the baby days... Though watching a toddler butt wiggle would be hilarious!

Noah danced to it, too, when he was about 18 months old. He was potty trained, but then went to The Other's house and it was never to happen again until he was about 3 1/2. He would overhear me talking about it and would tell me, "I'll do it when I'm ready." After I had Tess I refused to change a poopie diaper because I had just asked him if he needed to poop. I only made him wait 10 minutes, but he cried the whole time. Then I used a sticker chart.

To teach Maritessa, I gave her coins for her piggy bank. She got 5 for pee-ing, and 10 for pooping. When she "filled it up" she got to "buy" a new Barbie. And I kept her in regular panties, too, so she wouldn't be tempted. It made a lot of laundry and spot cleaning, but it was worth it.

Good luck!

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