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July 17, 2008


O I love little girls! Tess helps out, too. She stands in a chair and helps me wash dishes. Sort of. Also stands in a chair to help me cook.

I wonder if watching the dogs do their business will cause her to believe she is supposed to poop and pee in the yard?

Ok, I have been lurking on your blog FOREVER (ok, not forever, since the WoW post since I have an addict for a husband, but since I couldn't beat him, I joined him), but this is the first time I have not been able to contain a comment, and so my lurking days are over. My older daughter assigned herself identical chores. Except translate the dog parts to three cats. Otherwise? IDENTICAL! Is this a stage? Why is it not in my parenting books? Will I have to go through this again with my just turned one-year old? Aieee!
PS, one reason I lurk is because I live where you live (Probably not next door, but you've got to be somewhere down the street. Of course I'm not a stalker, so if I figure it out I promise not to show up at your door)and I just find that completely fascinating. Oh yeah, and also I totally love the way you write!

Thanks for the comment, Rachel! That's very cool that you're local. If you recognize me, please introduce yourself. Unless Sprite's in one of her moods, then save yourself!
I have another WoW post coming out tomorrow if I can finish it tonight.
Wendy, I thought about Sprite getting the wrong impression from the dogs, but if it helps push the potty training into full steam ahead, it's a win, right? Right?

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