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May 28, 2008


I'm one of those parents who has my kid in front of the TV for at least a bit so I can get things done. And he is the opposite of Sprite, unfortunately. he's not interested in books but will stare at the boob tube for a good 15 minutes before he realizes mommy or daddy is in the kitchen putting away dishes. I'd really like him to get into reading more so we are turning off the TV this week and focusing on that.

Lisa, let me know how that goes. If it's a success, I will be signing up for your course because you will be my hero! I would love to see her "read" a book by herself, but every book requires a parent to hold it while she turns pages and a lap to sit on while she does it.

I don't think you will have a problem Jen...If she is anything like you (and we both know she is) she will love books and read even when you want her to do something for you.

I'm a random commenter - just happened upon your blog. But my son was the same - couldn't care less about TV - until he discovered the wiggles sometime between 18mnths & 2yrs & as much as we hate the idea of too much TV it IS awesome occasionally when you need to get some chores done. So I'd try some different shows and eventually one will catch her attention. Have you tried Dora? Again, not until he was a bit bigger but at some point they aaaaall have a love affair with Dora.

Thanks, Kirsty. We do have a Dora video which we haven't taken off the shelf in months, but since we would like to expose her to more Spanish anyway, this may come back into our rotation sooner than later. I think sooner will win..

I didn't know They Might Be Giants did the Hot Dog song. No wonder I liked it!

Don't care for Wiggles or Dora. We discovered Doodlebops around the time my son started paying attention to the tv, and I liked that. Then we started watching Backyardigans, and we all really like that.

yes, yes, yes! Another Steve fan! We are few and far between you know...

Did you know he was in a heavy metal band? Wonder what he's doing now...oh Google...

How funny! I just blogged about how we cut out daytime TV in our house. My son went from ignoring the TV to really liking it when he was about your daughter's age. He was a fan of Baby Einstein for a while, so maybe she'll park it for those videos!

Steve in a heavy metal band? I think I would have to buy the album just to believe it. I've heard about the Backyardigans, but haven't had enough energy to find it on the channels and John likes to play Baby Einstein for Sprite in his office since it drives me bonkers. She'll park for that, but only if she gets to sit in Daddy's chair.

It's on Nickelodian.

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