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March 10, 2008


That story will never die! I won't let it. And dad did not only pick you up I waqs with him every time. And you would go just to dad and Lee would come to me. (Funny how this all turned out). You knew I would Post something did'nt you!

Ah, Mom, you're always good for a comment. I love you, but this DOES confirm why I blog. It was either this or therapy...(repress, repress, repress...)
By the way, that story was not only buried, it was buried under a septic tank, even if you found it, I don't think you would want to deal with the stench, right? :-P

That story is to good to die. Any Hew it worked for many years. I will always remember it and tell it to Sprite when she gets older(but not to old I don't want it to die......Yet!) It has a few good miles to go before I can let it go.

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